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Abbreviations: v = vegan, r = raw (or raw option), gf = gluten free (or gluten free option)

Recipe round-ups
Beetroot and cacao pancakes (v)
Buckwheat apple and zucchini muffins (v, gf) - refined sugar free
Carrot and apple soaked oats (v)
Carrot, apple and sultana muffins (v)
Carrot cake pikelets (v)
Carrot cake porridge (v)
Chickpea pancake with spicy kale and mango (v, gf)
Chocolate zucchini breakfast pudding (v)
Cranberry rolls (v)
Energy-packed pumpkin cookies (v, gf)
Fig and lemon drop scones (v)
French toast (v)
Fruity chocolate and marshmallow dessert pizza (v)
Hazelnut carrot cake oats (v)
Hemp seed muesli squares (v)
Asian-inspired chickpea salad (v)
Asian spiced tofu with green tea soba noodles (v)
Asian style coleslaw (v)
Baby stuffed peppers with fragrant rice (v)
Barley risotto (v)
Beetroot pasta with spinach and white bean sauce (v)
Bejewelled couscous salad (v)
Black bean and beetroot burritos (v)
Black eyed beans with couscous and chipotle mango sauce (v)
Calzone (v)
Chickpea (besan flour) pancakes (v, gf)
Chickpea pancakes with a lentil-vegetable filling (v, gf)
Chickpea pilaf (v)
Chickpea salad with balsamic roast sweet potato and carrot (v) - can be a main or a side
Chipotle tofu steaks with cauliflower rice (v)
Chocolate pasta with tomato and white bean sauce (v)
Colourful Mexican with cabbage (v)
Falafel patties (v)
Ginger-chilli sweet potato and almond burgers (v, gf)
Ginger noodles two ways - not vegan; vegetarian and chicken versions
Ginger-soy-chilli coleslaw (v)
Grilled nectarine and pumpkin salad (v, gf)
Harissa-spiced pumpkin and chickpeas (v)
Indian-spiced lentil and vegetable pastry puffs (v)
Italian roast vegetables and beans (v, gf)
Jumbo salad with all the things (v) - kale, cabbage, green papaya and a peanut-chilli-soy dressing
Lemon-agave tofu shish kebabs (v)
Lemon-paprika lentils (v, gf)
Lemon risotto (v)
Lemon tofu (v)
Lime and sweet chilli fish parcels - not vegan
Mango, strawberry and sweet potato salad with a 'honey' mustard dressing - vegan
Maple and balsamic roast vegetables with tofu (v)
Moroccan quinoa soup (v, gf)
Moroccan tagine (v, gf)
Orange and almond couscous (v) - can be a main or a side
Orange baked tofu parcels (v)
Peri-peri tofu and kale on toast (v) - could also be served for breakfast
Pot pies with puff pastry (v) - vegan and chicken-potato versions
Purple cabbage with beans (v) - can be a main or a side
Purple fried rice (v)
Purple fried rice version 2 (with tofu bacon) (v)
Quinoa, edamame and mango salad (v) - can be a main or a side
Quintuple-spiced lentil eggplant curry (v, gf)
Raw Thai papaya salad (v)
Raw vegetable sushi (v)
Rice balls with chickpeas (v)
Rice paper rolls (v)
Roast baby eggplant with herbs and balsamic vinegar (v) - can be a main or a side
Roast peppers with currants and pine nuts (v)
Roasted pumpkin and cauliflower with molasses, hemp seeds and quinoa (v) - can be a main or a side
Roast vegetables with chickpeas, and apple (v) - can be a main or a side
Satay tofu (v)
Spanish rice with (vegetarian) sausages (v)
Spiced pancakes with tomato and basil beans (v)
Spicy kale salad with tofu (v) - can  be a main or a side
Spinach 'ricotta' zucchini fettuccine (v)
Spinach, tofu and quinoa scramble (v)
Split pea risotto (v)
Som tam (Thai papaya salad) (v)
Spaghetti with cumin-spiced tomato and split pea sauce (v)
Spiced red lentils with injera flat bread (v, gf)
Spring-Winter vegetable risotto (v)
Stacked quesadillas (v)
Sun dried tomato and mushroom zucchini noodles (v, r, gf)
Sushi salad (v)
Sweet chilli tofu and greens (v) - can be a main or a side
Sweet potato and chilli soup (v)
Sweet potato, chickpea and hemp seed veggie burgers (v)
Sweet and sour tofu with kale (v)
Tahini sushi (v)
Teriyaki tofu (v)
Teriyaki tofu steaks with cauliflower rice (v)
Thai coleslaw salad (v)
Thai 'fish' cakes (v) - vegan and tuna versions
Thai style beetroot noodles (v, r, gf)
Thai style veggie patties (version #2) (v)
Tofu and broccoli stir fry (v) - can be a main or a side
Tofu and cabbage rice paper rolls with peanut molasses sauce (v)
Tofu and rice noodle salad (v)
Tofu 'scampi' (v)
Tofu with barbecue sauce (v)
Tomato and kale spaghetti with chickpeas (v)
Vegemite stir fry (v)
Vegetable biryani with tomato lentils (v)
Vegetable-packed stir fried rice with peas (v)
Vegetable ratatouille and sage soda bread (v) - the sage soda bread is vegetarian but not vegan in this recipe
Vegetable soup with barley (v)
Warm vegetable salad with bulgar (v) - can be a main or a side
Watermelon and noodle salad (v)
Zucchini noodles with a spicy peanut sauce (v, r, gf)
Zucchini noodles with a tahini and lemon sauce (v, r, gf)
Zucchini noodles with a tomato and basil sauce (v, r)
Celeriac fries (v)
Chickpea salad with balsamic roast sweet potato and carrot (v) - can be a main or a side
Chipotle mango sauce (v)
Currant chickpea pancakes (v, gf)
Dark chocolate and espresso roast almonds (v, gf) - not exactly savoury, but not very sweet either
Fig balsamic kale quinoa (v, gf)
Ginger-soy-chilli coleslaw (v) - can be a main or a side
Grilled tofu (v)
Jerk spiced sweet potato fries (v)
Jumbo salad with all the things (v) - kale, cabbage, green papaya and a peanut-chilli-soy dressing
Vegetable stir fry (v)
Watermelon and noodle salad (v) - can be a main or a side

Date and almond balls / chocolate fruit balls (v)
Gingerbread truffle balls (v)
Gingernut cheesecake slice (v)
Hazelnut praline chocolates / hazelnut praline chocolate spread (v, r, gf)
High protein banana cinnamon pudding (v, gf)
Honey, vanilla and pistachio cheesecake (v, r, gf)
Lemon and blueberry oat parfait (v) - also a beautiful breakfast
Mango cheesecake (v, r, gf)
Marshmallow truffle balls - not vegan
Millionaire's slice with pear (v)
Papaya (paw-paw) and cashew balls (v, gf)
Peach and hemp snack balls (v, gf)
Peanut butter energy bites (v)
Peanut butter fudge bites (v, gf)
Pear and cashew balls (v, r, gf)
Pebble road (v) - a vegan twist on rocky road
Peppermint carob truffle balls (v, gf)
Peppermint chocolate bark (v) 
Pineapple and cashew balls (v, r, gf)
Pumpkin cheesecake with optional raspberry topping (v, gf)
Raspberry topped, no bake chocolate tart (v)
Rocky road with ginger (v)
Spiced orange, date and almond balls (v, r, gf)
Strawberry cheesecake slice (v)
Strawberry coconut almond spread (v, r, gf)
Strawberry white chocolate truffle balls (v)
Super snack balls (v)
Tahini-filled chocolate eggs (v)
Yoghurt coated banana chips (v)

Banana-free green smoothie with strawberries (v, gf)
Banana, mango and kale smoothie (v, gf)

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