Running and Fitness

Running (in chronological order)
Run for a Reason race 2012 (2nd June 2012) - my first 14km running effort

Fitness Fridays return, new running shoes, and half marathon plans (16th November 2012)

Running club ventures and 5 weeks to half marathon time (8th March 2013)

Bunbury Three Waters Half Marathon - my first half marathon (15th April 2013)

Buying exercise clothes online (17th May 2013)

Run for a Reason race 2013, and dealing with perceived 'failure' in running (31st May 2013)

Podiatry, gait analysis, orthotics, and new running shoes (12th July 2013)

Perth Half Marathon (16th August 2013)

Running on my 30th birthday (6th December 2013)

Ealing Half Marathon (3rd October 2014)

Conwy Half Marathon and visit (27th November 2014)

London marathon recap (28th April 2015)

October running highlights - Tonbridge to Penshurst 13 mile loop (5th October 2015)

November running highlights - Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon (27th November 2015)

Winter running highlights - Garmin Forerunner 225 and avoiding mud (28th February 2016)

Other fitness / exercise posts (in chronological order)
Exercise Mix Up (29th March 2011) - my exercise routine at that time

April Exercise Goals (31st March 2011) - follows on from the 'mix up' post above

Les Mills Body Attack (14th July 2011) - my experiences of this particular group fitness class

Exercise Update - August (11th August 2011)

Joining Fit Approach and Sweat Pink (20th April 2012)

Thoughts on the Olympics, in the lead up to London 2012 (4th May 2012)

Cycling fun (15th June 2012) - enjoying my bike with a basket

Basketball and why I find it hard (29th June 2012)

A jumbo bike ride (27th July 2012) - 30km and a great afternoon

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