Saturday, April 21, 2018

Loving this week - Spring 2018

After a snowy start to spring, the UK has now leapt into warm weather. The sun has been shining, we have had maximums around 24'C, and the atmosphere is not even spring-like - it is decidedly summery.

Long time readers may recall that one reason we left Australia is that Mr Bite and I don't like hot weather. We burn easily, we aren't inclined towards lying on beaches, and we dislike the long hot Australian summers. Now we're in England, though, both of us are more kindly disposed towards sunshine. I am relishing the current warmth and the opportunity to go outside without coats and scarves. (Nonetheless, I will add that this is probably enough warmth for me. Mid-20's is perfect.)

I have soaked up the sunshine this week at home in Kent, around work in London, and on a work day trip to Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. Here are some photo highlights of England in its sunny glory. Mini Bite features a few times and you can see her clothing requirements decrease as the temperatures have increased!
Mini Bite exploring the Tonbridge riverside (still in a jacket but no longer a winter coat)

Our apple tree is starting to blossom

Blazing sunshine

Mini Bite exploring daisies (long sleeves but no jacket)

Cheltenham town square

Cheltenham old railway line footpath

True summer weather! Shorts and t-shirt.

6.45am in London - stretching near my workplace after running part of my commute in early morning sunshine

A courtyard tulip

What are you loving this week?


  1. I didn't know that one reason your and mar Bite left Australia is that Mr Bite was the hot weather. This made me smile as Australia never appealed to me because of the weather. I just have never been a sun person, the kind that like lying on the beach. I don't mind British weather. I can accept overcast skies, just not constant pouring of rain which has been the case recently, so yes even I am enjoying the sunshine. Lets enjoy it whilst it lasts. I do quite like Cheltenham and so glad you got to go there albeit for work. I learned that a new vegan restaurant has opened and i am pleased as we went there last year for a vegan festival and there were no eateries about, so I hope to visit it the next time we are there.

    1. I think we have similar weather preferences Shaheen :-)

      I have been to Cheltenham once before for holiday rather than work purposes, but only for the day that time too. It is a lovely town. I'll have to return for the new vegan restaurant!

  2. If it was a matter of weather (and history) I would live in the UK but I have other reasons to live in Australia, esp family. But I appreciate your feelings for the weather - I really love autumn as by now I have had well enough of heat. 24 sounds quite warm for spring in the UK (given this was a heatwave in Edinburgh when I lived there). I love the pictures of Mini Bite and her ever decreasing clothing. In the last pic of her on a bike she looks so grown up. Your photos are lovely and I am quite envious of your apple tree in a pot. Love to hear how the blossoms develop.

    1. Thanks Johanna - and yes, 24'C was almost a record for April here. I have the pull of family in Australia now and it would be nicer for both of us if the two countries were closer.

      Mini Bite was on a ride on car but I suspect it won't be long before she's on a bike! Getting bigger by the day :-)

  3. How beautiful! I love the flowers that spring up randomly in the UK, although I sadly missed the famed bluebells when I lived there. Everything looks so pretty. We are sadly edging towards winter with a few teaser warm days here and there.

    1. I look forward to the bluebells appearing! We're fortunate to have a lot of them in our part of the country.

      Enjoy your teaser warm days while they last.

  4. I used to really hate the hot weather too, but the older I get the more I warm to it (no pun intended). There's something about a bit of warmth that just seems to put everyone in a better mood!

  5. Looks like great weather!
    I'm so glad it's finally getting a bit warmer here too. I just can't take the cold anymore. I might have to move to warmer weather at some point in my life.

    1. Well, Australia would probably deliver it ;)


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