Thursday, March 29, 2018

Vegan Easter recipes on Bite-Sized Thoughts

Are you looking forward to the Easter weekend? I know my US readers won't get the 4 day break granted in Australia and the UK, but I hope that wherever you are, you enjoy the opportunity to eat chocolate and celebrate the start of spring (in the northern hemisphere) or changing season (in the south). If you are religious, then of course there will be much more to commemorate too.

Carrot and apple cake with a lemon drizzle dressing

I am hoping to find time over the long weekend to bake and experiment in the kitchen. It has been far too long since I've baked a cake or tried a new recipe without a toddler underfoot. There are lots of  great recipes online if I want to try something new, but I've also been reviewing my recipe archives and reminding myself of past favourites on Bite-Sized Thoughts. Here are some highlights that may help you find some Easter inspiration, should you need any (all vegan). I've picked three breakfast, meal, cake and chocolate recipes that make me think of Easter or spring or both.

The best vegan chocolate courgette cake

Breakfast options




Chai spiced chocolate truffles

You may also want to check out my round-up of chocolate recipes on Bite-Sized Thoughts.

What are you up to this Easter?


  1. you can't go wrong with chocolate or at any time of year - which works much better for autumn which is hastily drawing in here. Enjoy your easter and your spring weather - and some baking fun!

  2. That carrot cake sounds amazing!

    1. I did love it, so recommend it if you find yourself with time!

  3. Even though we still have chocolate in the house from Christmas (honest!), I am drawn to those chai spiced chocolate truffles. Enjoy your Easter break, I am looking forward to being proper lazy, with of course - some time in the kitchen

    1. Your chocolates always last so much longer than ours!! Enjoy your Easter break too Shaheen.

  4. Yummy! Everything looks perfect!
    It's so good to be vegan!

  5. Happy Easter! I hope you get time to get back into the kitchen and make something that you fancy. I've rather got my heart set on those truffles!

  6. I was traveling last week and only now saw your recommendations for Easter but they all look amazing...especially the crepes!
    I hope you had a lovely weekend!


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