Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vegan freezer-friendly meals - A round-up

It is 6 weeks today until I return to work from maternity leave. As you might imagine, I have mixed feelings about that, but they are not the subject of today's post. Rather, I thought I would share a round-up of vegan make ahead, freezer friendly meals. There are similar round-ups out there so this one has the idiosyncratic quirk of including meals I personally want to make! Consequently, this is also a short-ish round-up because I want to make all of the recipe I list below over the next month and a half. Angela shares a particularly useful summary of freezable vegan options, plus general freezing tips, on Oh She Glows if you would like further ideas.

The list below mostly has recipes from elsewhere, but I'm including a few links from Bite-Sized Thoughts too. As I've mentioned before, I tend to forget about my own recipes so this will prompt me to re-make some of my own tried and tested, and likely freezer-friendly, dinners.

I would love to hear your favourite freezable dishes too so please let me know if there are recipes you would recommend!

Cocoa and paprika split peas

Cocoa and paprika split peas from Bite-Sized Thoughts

Lentil meatloaf from The Live In Kitchen (made in muffin pans!)

Satay chickpea stew with grains from Bite-Sized Thoughts

Singapore street noodles from Once a Month Meals

Thai curry fettuccine from Vegan in the Freezer

Chocolate courgette (zucchini) cake

Carrot apple muffins from Minimalist Baker (one bowl!)

Chocolate courgette (zucchini cake) from Bite-Sized Thoughts

No bake chocolate peanut butter cookies from Vegan in the Freezer

What meals / snacks have you frozen with success?


  1. You are definitely prepared for your return to work. I love that you haven't overlooked sweet dishes.

    1. Well, I WILL be prepared, if I manage to make these ;)

  2. I'm with you, I forget about some of my recipes after a while too! Ginny (vegan in the freezer) always has such great freezer meals. I don't really ever try to freeze mine but that's a great idea. Soups are usually the only thing I freeze - I should get into that more. Your Cocoa and paprika split peas look delicious!

    1. Thanks Mary Ellen - I haven't frozen many dishes myself but definitely need to try!

  3. I really need to spend some time on freezer meals - it is a bit hit and miss s whether I make them but when I do, I love it. So I admire your planning. I like the sound of the meatloaf - always love some leftover loaf in the freezer. I love dal or soup or a minestrone sort of stew in the freezer. Good luck with your cooking

    1. Thanks Johanna :-) I should add soup to my list but it's so hot at the moment here (well, for the UK! 25'C or so) that soup isn't on my mind.

  4. I always end up making things with thick sauces for freezing - curries, chillis, soups. Nothing too exciting, but easy to defrost and warm up. I love that desserts are on your list too! I hope the return to work goes smoothly!

  5. You need to stop doing this to me Kari. Keep giving me recipe ideas! I also have your Cocoa and Paprika Split Pea bookmarked and now you go an give me more - No just kidding - keep inspiring!

    As for the freezer, I have to be honest its not somthing I do as I tend to cook from scratch or make recipes that will last up to 3 days. We have a small freezer, but if and when I do make freezer grub, its is always hot water crust individual pies with various fillings, otherwise its just space for frozen peas and filo pastry.


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