Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A long weekend in Wales

We have just returned from a long weekend in Wales, a trip motivated by my cousin's wedding being held in Llangollen (North Wales) on Saturday. Our drive there was unexpectedly long (bank holiday traffic), we did our usual trick of illness on holiday (always) and the Welsh weather was characteristically variable (rain after sun) but the wedding was gorgeous and the surrounding countryside equally so. Until I am organised with a regular post, I thought I would share some pictures of the scenery...

Welsh walking

Blue skies and clouds = Welsh weather

Local sheep

Chirk Castle - a National Trust property

Riverside walking near our holiday cottage

Our holiday cottage - a converted barn (although not all of it, we had the near half)

For my UK readers, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend - and for the rest of you, your regular weekends!


  1. We had a long weekend over in the states too. It was Memorial Day for us but the weather was not very nice for BBQs (how we usually celebrate).

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I've always wanted to visit Wales - well the whole UK actually since I have not been there at all. Chirk Castle looks so beautiful and I love the little goats!

    1. Ah, I hadn't registered the Memorial Day holiday. I'm sorry the weather wasn't great but hopefully you enjoyed it anyway!

      Hopefully you will make it to the UK eventually :-)

  2. beautiful - we have the queen's birthday long weekend coming up which I am looking forward to - but sadly I don't think we will have lovely scenery like this.

    1. I hope you enjoy the long weekend anyway!

  3. Gorgeous scenery. There are just not enough bank holidays in the world!

  4. Oh my gosh - it's so beautiful! Hopefully the illnesses and rain didn't put too much of a damper on things. Looking forward to hearing more about your weekend away and the wedding.


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