Thursday, April 6, 2017

Loving this week {April 2017}

It has been too long between these posts. To make up for lost time, here are six things that I am loving at the moment...

1. Spring scenes. I think Spring may be my favourite English season. It is certainly glorious at the moment, with blue skies, sunshine and flowers everywhere. I am delighted to have flowers re-blossoming on my apple tree and tulips growing in my garden.

The longer daylight hours are wonderful too - the photo below was taken at 7.50pm!

2. Further to (1), time outdoors. We have some great open spaces near us and it's lovely just to park ourselves on a picnic blanket and enjoy them.

3. Our new fireplace. One of our 2017 aspirations was to sort out a working fire for our living room. I am pleased to say it is now in place (just in time for the warm weather...!).

Before (top) and after (below)

It is electric because previous owners of the house removed the chimney, but at least that makes it easy to use.

The old fire inset has moved to what was an empty hole in our dining room fireplace. Unfortunately one corner broke off in the moving process, but we park Mini Bite's pram in that spot so it doesn't matter too much!

4. Rooibos tea. I am obsessed.

5. These oatcakes. I am also obsessed.

6. Good health. I have mentioned before our poor run of health over winter, but Mini Bite has had a particularly awful stretch as she moved from a stomach bug, to consecutive colds, to the hand, foot and mouth virus (the childhood illness, not the animal disease), to an ear infection. I no longer take for granted the three of us being well at the same time.

While ill health is never fun, I am also grateful for the excellent health care we have in the UK. We rang the NHS Direct 24-hour advice line on Sunday afternoon and ended up with an after hours GP appointment for Mini Bite just 2 hours later. The fact this is all free makes it even more impressive.

What are you loving this week?


  1. I love the idea of an open fire but it is not so practical as I found when I had one in my bedroom many years ago. As well as worrying about sparks, the discolouring on the wall (when I removed pictures) was quite noticeable - so I think the electric fire sounds good. Spring picnics and interesting oatcakes also sound great! We had Sylvia return home after being away a few nights and it was lovely to have some cuddles from her upon her return.

    1. Being away for a few nights sounds very grown up - I bet you were all glad to see each other again :-)

  2. Glad to hear you are all feeling better. Your sunny photos are lovely.

  3. Oh the tulips in your garden are gorgeous!
    ... it's 7:50pm here and it's pretty well pitch dark. I have to wait a couple of more months for longer days, but they don't get really long in California - that was one downside from moving out of Canada (I actually had longer days there in the summer believe it or not).
    Picnics outside sounds wonderful - look at Mini Bite sitting up! She is getting big!
    Ah yes... the free health care. Something else I miss from Canada haha ;) I really hope she has a better run of health now, poor thing.
    Hopefully that means you will have good health the rest of the year!


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