Friday, April 14, 2017

A carob recipe round-up {vegan}

I know, I know - if you aren't a fan of carob, you will be wrinkling your nose at this post (or skipping it altogether!). Carob is one of those products that seems to divide people into love/hate categories. Personally, as this post highlights, I adore the stuff. I have my mother to thank for this, as she gave us carob as children when trying to ration our chocolate intake. I love chocolate too but carob has a firm place in my heart alongside it.

Hazelnut and cherry carob cookies

This round-up is inspired, in part, by a desire to indulge in the Easter spirit without adding to the many beautiful chocolate recipes already in circulation. However, it is also slightly selfish because I wanted to gather carob inspiration for myself. You see, yesterday I went into London to meet a friend and I had notions of stocking up on the dairy free carob bars sold in Whole Foods. Alas, the timing didn't work for me to meet the friend, juggle Mini Bite's nap and feeding requirements, and get us home before the rush hour commute kicked in. (Mini Bite is, sadly, prone to waking up if sleeping in her pram and I go into shops.) Whole Foods was skipped and my carob bars were not bought. To make up for the loss, I am inspired to make some treats myself - and the below options give me plenty of choice. I have also posted a fair few carob recipes on Bite-Sized Thoughts and so I include them below too. All recipes are vegan, of course!

Carob recipes from elsewhere

Carob almond freezer fudge on Oh She Glows - Delicious looking no bake fudge

Carob brownies on Amazing Health - Featuring carob powder and carob chips

Carob carrot cake on Green Gourmet Giraffe - I love carob and I love carrot cake so am sure I'd love this mix of the two (*Edited to note that this does have eggs in it [thanks to Johanna of GGG for pointing this out!] so use egg replacer to make it vegan)

Carob chips on Whole New Mom - A great way to create chips for use in cookies or other baking

Carob chocolate bar on Thank Heavens - I would leave out the soy compound (as I don't know what it is!) and whiskey, but this looks like a delicious base recipe for mix-and-match adaptations

Carob coconut rough slice on Be Good Organics - Given my recent chocolate-coconut obsession, these have my name all over them

Carob cream squares on Sweetly Raw - These look like a delicious variant of a Millionaire's Slice

Carob flake slices on Allotment 2 Kitchen - I have never seen carob flakes but these look offer a great twist on chocolate chip slices

Carob oat truffles on Oatmeal with a Fork - With carob, avocado and oats in the ingredient list, these are truffles that you could get away with eating for breakfast

Carob truffles on Unconventional Baker - Gluten free as well as vegan, these look incredibly truffle-like!

Carob crunch bites with goji berries

Carob recipes on Bite-Sized Thoughts

Carob crunch bites with goji berries - Crumbly, carob-y, semi-sweet bites

Carob latte - An easy way to get your carob hit

Carob-raisin crisp bites - A sweeter version of the crunch bites above

Cranberry, chia seed and carob porridge (oatmeal) - Bringing carob to breakfast time

Hazelnut and cherry carob cookies - A cookie to convert carob haters

Peanut butter and carob shake with hidden broccoli - A green smoothie with a difference!

Peppermint carob truffle balls - No bake and super easy to make

Raspberry carob mousse - Chocolate avocado mousse with a make over

Peppermint carob truffle balls

I hope you have a happy Easter if you celebrate it, and enjoy the long weekend if it features in your part of the world.

Are you in the carob love or hate club?! And do you have any more carob recipes to recommend to me?


  1. Wow what a round up. If you can't find something in this lot then easter just isn't worth having

  2. Happy Easter! I don't mind carob - mum used to buy it for herself when we were kids.

    1. Our mothers would probably have got on :-)

  3. Fab post, but shame that you didn't get any carob from the Wholefoods to make some of these, but I admire your set goal to bookmark them of sorts. I was humbled to see that my Carob Flake slices are there, Thank you for linking. I used to buy it all the time when I started this blog as vegan choc chips were not readily available those days, but I am still not a huge fan of carob - it is an acquired taste, but I will try again - esp. as you have shared some carob recipes here esp your Carob balls and Carob latte- very clever. I have a quick question for you to mull over, I have a big tub of maca powder - any ideas how to use large quantities of it up. Thank you in advance.

    1. Luckily I have carob powder, otherwise I would have been very sad indeed! Whole Foods sells some carob bars (like chocolate bars) which are what I'd hoped to stock up on, but at least with powder I can make my own.

      In terms of maca powder - I haven't used it very much but do enjoy lucuma powder and I believe they can be used fairly interchangeably (lucuma is more caramelly, maca more nutty-butterscotchy, or so I have read). Lucuma can go in baked goods like you would use cocoa powder, in smoothies and in cereal. I've also made fudge with it - . Hope that helps a bit!

  4. I admire your mother for giving you carob as kids - I wish I could be a carob type of mum esp as sylvia seems to like it but I just find I can't enjoy the taste - good luck with your carob making. (And I am grateful you put in the carob cake I made ages ago but it has eggs in it - though I am sure these days you could find ok substitutions as it was a good cake)

    1. Oops, thanks for pointing out the eggs - I missed them completely! I'll update the post to make a note :-)

  5. I kind of feel like it's an acquired taste. I did not like it at all the first several times I had it, but I slowly began to tolerate it and then actually enjoy it. This is actually reminding me I have some in my cupboard that has been sitting there unloved for quite some while.
    I'm glad you shared this round up as it will inspire me to start using it again =)


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