Sunday, March 12, 2017

Scenes from Somerset

We have just returned from a week in Somerset. It's a part of the country I hadn't visited before, but it proved to be a delightful one. Tucked into a south-west corner of England with the Bristol Channel to the north and Devon and Cornwall to the south, the county has gorgeous scenery and plenty to see and do. We were fortunate to have (mostly) spring-like weather, which facilitated lots of walking and outdoor exploring. I share some photo highlights below...

Typical Somerset scenery

The Tarr Steps clapper bridge

Walking near the Tarr Steps

Dunster castle (National Trust)

Dunster Castle grounds

Where the Heddon Valley meets the sea

Our thatched holiday cottage

A meal highlight - vegan aubergine cannelloni with a berry-containing side salad and vegetable crisps
(courtesy of Tessa's Teashop at The Olde House)

I'll return to regular posting soon!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Snap we were in the country of Somerset too, but just for the day and it was Bath. Your scenic photos are marvellous. Look forward to reading more,

    1. Thanks Shaheen, and nice to think of you so close!

  2. I don't know somerset but would love to get there - enjoyed your photos and nice to hear you were having a break esp now that you are back at work you must appreciate it

    1. I'm actually not back at work yet, but do appreciate being able to jaunt off without needing to arrange leave! I have until July but suspect this will be the last holiday before then :)

    2. Just saw your mention of maternity leave and realised I had jumped the gun - enjoy the rest of the leave

  3. Your photos are so pretty. I have never been to Somerset, but the name has a magical ring.

  4. Oh wow, it's so gorgeous there. What a lovely looking holiday.
    It would be something to see that castle.
    And your cottage! It's so so so cute!
    And it looks like you managed to get some good vegan food.

    1. Thanks Kimmy :-) I am always delighted when we hit on vegan food when travelling!


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