Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vegan Life Magazine, issues 20 and 21 (November and December)

I receive complimentary digital copies of Vegan Life, which allows me to post reviews with screenshots included. My reflections on the magazine are entirely my own.

I hope you'll forgive a moment of self-pity at the start of this post. I mentioned last week that our household was unwell with colds, but wanted to document the state of our November thus far. First, Mr Bite was ill with a bad cold and so avoided me and Mini Bite for a week in an effort not to pass it on (=single parenting for me). Then, Mini Bite and I caught the cold anyway. Then, just as I was feeling my worst, Mr Bite developed a gastro bug (=single parenting for me whilst ill, with an ill baby). With all of this I have been sick now for nearly a fortnight, something I blame on not being able to stop and rest when I would have liked to (parenting doesn't include sick leave!). I am grateful I made my barley and chickpea stew before things deteriorated further, and am hoping against hope that Mini Bite and I don't develop gastro to round November off.

With all of that out the way, I am pleased to share some more positive news thanks to the last two editions of Vegan Life magazine. 

The November magazine included a feature on Thug Kitchen, the sassy vegan website and book franchise I only recently learned about. Their crispy spaghetti pie isn't a dish that calls to me but it did make an impressive image!

I was, to my amusement, drawn to the vegan treats presented as options for plant-fed dogs. Does anyone else think these carrot cookies and no bake peanut butter cups look good enough for humans too?!

If you want treats that are entirely for humans, I was pleased to note that Marmite walkers crisps are vegan friendly. Many frozen apple crumble desserts are too and it would seem the Aunt Bessie's brand is one such example.

Winning triathlete Kate  Strong is fueling herself with more nutritious options than crisps and crumble. I am always interested to read about plant-powered athletes and Kate is clearly at the top of her field and a shining example of how strength and stamina don't require meat or other animal products.


The December edition was full of festive recipes and Christmas cheer, from the beautiful cover onward.

I was impressed by the simplicity of this tear and share chocolate hazelnut snowflake tart (3 ingredients!)...

...and these cute Rudolph brownies.

Equally appealing was the festive granola mix featured on 'The Vegan Student' page, which brings together a gorgeous mix of spices, dried fruit and nuts.

The December 'Accidental Vegan' page showcased Jus Roll cinnamon swirls, which I then spotted on our weekend supermarket trip and have bought with great excitement (but am yet to try). Easy vegan cinnamon rolls are a delightful thought so I hope we like them.

Last but not least, I was interested and impressed to read that there is a new animal replacement Centre for Excellence in the UK - dedicated to cancer research without the use of animals.

 What interesting news or new products have you come across lately?


  1. I love the Christmas ideas - so cute!

  2. MArmite crisps and the snowflake tart look really good - but I am really interested that the Centre of Excellence is funded to animal free cancer research - it good to see that this is enough of a priority (or possibility) that is has been funded

  3. I have flicked through the mag, but have to admit since its release i haven't picked up a copy yet as I am veering on the opinion that is is falling into the same trap as other food mags, most recipes come from cookbooks - i have the new Thug Kitchen booked at the library to bring home tomorrow. Still, i'd love to read the articles about the Centre of Excellence about cancer research without testing on animals. Hope your feeling much better, Mr Bite and mini Bite too.

    1. Thanks Shaheen - Mr Bite and Mini Bite are better so it's just me lagging behind!

      Your library sounds excellent if it has lots of vegan cookbooks. I should check out my local selection more thoroughly (I mostly just look at the fiction books).

  4. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. There most certainly is no time off for Mummies unfortunately. Hope December is a cracker for you x


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