Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Malt vinegar and paprika vegetable fries

Everyone knows how to make vegetable fries (or chips, as I prefer to call them). However, sometimes it is nice to be reminded of how delicious they can be with just a few simple seasonings. These malt vinegar and paprika fries are such an example and were a hit with me and Mr Bite. I used a mix of regular potato, sweet potato and carrots, although left the sweet potato variety off Mr Bite's plate (he is not a sweet potato fan).

One nice thing about cooking your fries with vinegar is that you need less oil than you otherwise might. Another nice thing is that you get a subtle vinegar flavour with each mouthful. Vinegar lovers can add vinegar after cooking as well, if you really want to pack a vinegar flavour punch!

I used paprika with these but other herbs could work just as well. Tarragon, thyme or rosemary all come to mind as appealing varieties - or a mix.

We had these with asparagus spears and a Quorn breaded fillet (me) and fish (Mr Bite). It was a good, comforting meal and an easy one.

Malt vinegar and paprika vegetable fries
Easy, delicious comfort food
Makes enough for 3
Vegan and gluten free

Author: Bite-sized thoughts

2 medium potatoes, washed and sliced into wedges (I left the skin on)
1 medium sweet potato, washed, peeled and sliced into wedges
2 medium carrots, washed, peeled and sliced into wedges
Spray oil or a drizzle of vegetable oil
1 tbsp malt vinegar
1 tsp dried paprika
1/4 tsp salt

Preheat your oven to 180'C (375'F) and line two baking trays with non-stick paper. Spray each with a little oil or drizzle a little oil over the paper.

Place your sliced vegetable pieces evenly across the trays.

In a small bowl or cup, whisk together the vinegar, paprika and salt. Use a brush or spoon to coat the vegetable fries and then drizzle any remaining mixture evenly across the trays.

Bake for approximately 45 minutes, until the fries are golden and cooked through.

Submitted to Healthy Vegan Fridays.

Do you have a favourite fries / chips recipe?


  1. I love that sort of meal - and love the flavour combination - though I would probably parboil my vegies because my oven is so slow

    1. I know what you mean...heating the oven up takes forever. I often microwave first but in this case just took the time to heat up the oven!

  2. This sounds like a lovely easy meal, and a nice take on fish and chips. I wonder if I could convince my family to branch out into different vegetable chips (side note, one of our local burger chains has just started offering breaded avocado fries... I'm not sure on those ones...)

    1. I'm not so sure on the idea of those either!! I'd try your family on something safer if you decide to try and branch them out ;)

  3. Yum! Paprika on anything is a good life choice I think.

  4. These sound terrific and I am all for less oil.

  5. I love, love, love fries that are spiced up and I'm always heavy handed with the vinegar. The sweet and non-sweet potato is such a nice way to add flavour too.

    1. Thanks Joey - and I'm glad there are other heavy handed vinegar uses out there!

  6. These sound so good! Growing up in Canada, we always put vinegar on our french fries (chips & vinegar). It was white vinegar though, not malt - I never liked malt as a child, but don't mind it so much now. When I moved to the States a few years ago, I was devastated to know that no one puts vinegar on their fries and no restaurants have it out to serve with.
    I have never tried baking potatoes with vinegar, I always put it on after - this is a great idea and would infuse more of the flavour in. Yum!
    Thanks for sharing at Healthy Vegan Fridays! I'm pinning & sharing =)

    1. I had no idea that Americans didn't add vinegar to fries! I had white vinegar growing up too but for some reason am especially partial to malt now :-)


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