Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vegan Life Magazine, issues 18 + 19 (September + October)

I receive complimentary digital copies of Vegan Life, which allows me to post reviews with screenshots included. My reflections on the magazine are entirely my own.

The latest edition of Vegan Life Magazine acknowledges and celebrates the arrival of autumn. Traditionally autumn was my favourite season and I still love the cozy evenings and brisk outdoor walks it provides, as well as the beauty of changing leaves. However, since moving to the UK I have also loved spring and summer for their long days and the increased outdoor options that mild sunshine permits. So, it is with mixed feelings that I welcome autumn this week - but full enthusiasm that I share some of the autumn highlights from Vegan Life. I also share some highlights from the September edition, which I haven't posted on yet.

The cover for this month features an impressive autumn and Halloween themed triple chocolate cheesecake. I love the candied nuts decorating the top and the drizzle of chocolate down the sides, even as I know I'm unlikely to manage either myself!

If you wanted a less intricate but equally impressive Halloween treat, I thought these rice crisp pumpkins were extremely cute. You'd have to find orange food colouring you're happy to use, but I wonder if juice from carrots or yellow beetroot would work instead of chemical options.

Another set of appealing recipes comes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's new book. The carrot cake pancakes look delicious and I love the idea for strawberries and (coconut) cream bread pudding.

I was interested to read in the Vegan News section that there are plans for a frozen banana soft serve (nice cream) bar. It's still in the proposal and fund raising stage but struck me as a good idea, although there is a limit to how much I'd pay for something I can make so easily at home.

Looking back to September, there was a timely article on raising vegan children. As Mr Bite is not vegan it is unlikely Mini Bite would ever be fully so, but in time we will have to decide how much we shape her diet to be vegan / vegetarian. 

As it is, I didn't find the article added much to pieces I've read before (the crux of the message was "it is possible to raise healthy vegan children") but it was worth reading nonetheless. Also worth reading were the below chocolate-themed recipes. The chocolate chilli with cornbread holds particular appeal, even as I know it would never be welcomed by Mr Bite!

I would love to try the new Fry's quinoa and coriander falafel burger featured below, and whilst frozen pizza doesn't hold much appeal, I was interested to see the frozen vegan option now sold by Ocado (bottom left). Has anyone tried either?

The Accidental Vegan page showed some things I have tried, namely the Ritter dark chocolate marzipan blocks (which I love) and Waitrose Moroccan houmous (good but not great). I will also now remember that Tesco's woodland fruit strudel is vegan.

Last but not least, if you want some more raw noodle inspiration before cold weather really sets in (or if you are welcoming warmer weather in the southern hemisphere), this recipe for Thai carrot noodles looks delicious.

Have you enjoyed any vegan or cooking trivia lately?


  1. That halloween cheesecake looks spectacular - I would love to make such a showpiece but like you I am unlikely to do so. I quiet like how Vegan Life gives tasters of some great vegan cookbooks like isa's. I tried a Fry's falafel burger that did not thrill me but I can't remember if it had quinoa as well - perhaps not. So much good stuff in those magazines.

    1. Hmm, maybe I can skip the new Fry's burgers then! They do seem quite different to their usual products so maybe they're better off with their usual style

  2. Holy moly that cheesecake. And those rice crisp pumpkins are so cute! I could maybe try and dye them with carrot juice. I actually came across some non-chemically, non-scary vegan food dye, but it would not look anywhere near that bright or pretty (sadly I think chemicals are what make things look prettier).
    I think it's so cute how you call your husband Mr. Bite and your baby-to-be mini-Bite. My husband is also not vegan and we are not pregnant and don't have children, but I've often wondered how we would come to terms on that one.
    Great issue of the magazine! Thanks for sharing some recipes with us =)

    1. Thanks Kimmy :-) Mini Bite is purely on breast milk at present so we have time to figure it out. And I think carrot juice for orange colour is a great idea.

  3. I can relate to the mixed feelings about autumn - I love the cosiness it brings, but I miss the light and sun. At least autumn food is almost as good as summer food, and that cake does look fabulous.

    1. Good food needs to be a year round essential :-)

  4. Interesting (and anecdotally), I breastfed my second child for much longer than my first. The first took to solids with gusto and loved to copy daddy (who loves his meat). Even now she will pick a green garnish off her meal with a look of disgust. My second was a milk monster and preferred his diet liquid for a long time, therefore, he ate what I did (so to speak). He will happily nosh on broccoli and greens and will choose the non-meat meal over the carnivorous option. My take is that they can choose what they eat, but I will always answer food questions honestly but, by agreement with Mr Fork, we both answer without emotion (no, "Eww, carrots", or "You're eating Buttercup the cow" at all).

    PS I want that chocolate chili cornbread!!

    1. It's great to hear your approach :-) I like the no emotion idea, that is definitely one for us to adopt.


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