Sunday, May 10, 2015

Loving this week

1. Spring. 

The trees are green again, the sun has been shining, and there are flowers everywhere. 

It's completely delightful.

2. Outdoor eating.

A Whole Foods picnic in Kensington Gardens, to be precise. May it be the first of many this spring/summer!

3. Local park facilities. 

I've set myself the goal of having sufficient arm muscle to traverse this set of parallel bars from end to end (at the moment I can do about 4 arm steps, so I have a way to go...).

It's not of direct benefit to me, but I also like seeing new wooden playgrounds. Australia swapped wood for plastic years ago but I like the wooden style.

4. Old photos.

I went back through old (scanned) photos to find one to send to my mother for Australian Mother's Day today. These snaps from Oman, where we lived between England and Australia when I was one, made me smile.

5. Good customer service.

A few years ago I bought an 'Aura' water bottle made by Kor. It has been fantastic and served me very well, but the rubber seal in the lid recently wore out and it started leaking. I emailed Kor and they sent me a replacement, promptly and free of charge. I'm delighted to have my bottle functional again.

6. Discounted Nakd bars.

My local Tesco had the chocolate 4-pack bars discounted at £1.38. I have never seen them so cheap and snapped up the last box on the shelf!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I can't wait until the weather is nicer and we can eat dinner in the garden every evening.

    1. That sounds like a delightful way to spend summer evenings :-)

  2. What a nice cheery post! Those photos are so cute. I appreciate a leak free bottle - esp as sylvia's drink bottle has a leak again. And wooden playgrounds are great - there seem to be more of them again in Melbourne, though sometimes I think there are more in wealthier suburbs! And I love nakd bars so that is a great bargain.

    1. Where the wealthy suburbs pave the way, perhaps the rest will get to follow! That's great that wood may be returning in Australia. It does seem much more pleasant than plastic.

  3. What lovely photos. I especially enjoyed the baby photos - so cute.

  4. Those photos of you with your mother are very precious. I don't think there's a city more beautiful in Spring than London. So many flowers and it's green everywhere. How lovely to have lunch in Kensington Park. I prefer the wooden playgrounds as well - so much more aesthetic xx

  5. Such cute pics of you ♥
    It's great to hear about the quality customer service from Kor. My plastic bottles rarely last a year before they start leaking. I'll definitely invest in a Kor next time xx


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