Thursday, April 2, 2015

Apple pie yoghurt breakfast parfaits {London marathon fundraising}

You may not know this about me, but I am an apple sauce fiend. It doesn't matter if it is commercial apple sauce, homemade apple puree, or even apple baby food, I love it. I could eat whole tubs. I was thus quite pleased with myself when I hit on this idea for apple pie yoghurt parfaits. The parfaits use apple sauce, but in respectable quantities; and unlike eating sauce from a jar, they are elegant and beautiful.

In addition to apple sauce and yoghurt, these feature oats and a scattering of sultanas. I recommend topping them with fruit at the time of serving, either blueberries as I used, or perhaps chopped apple to keep with the apple theme.

As these are made in advance, they have all the benefits of overnight oats: the oats soak up moisture and flavour from the yoghurt on one side, and the apple sauce on the other. A little night time preparation also makes for a very easy start to the day the following morning.

I think this will be my second last marathon fundraising post, as there are just 24 days (24 DAYS!!!!) until the marathon now. Tomorrow is my last scheduled very long run (Easter Friday is a holiday here). It is also my longest scheduled run - 22 miles. If I can get through that, I will be feeling ready to start tapering down to race day. I'll probably be ready to eat a fair few of these too...

Apple pie yoghurt breakfast parfaits
An easy, vegan, breakfast option that brings dessert flavours to the morning
Ingredients below are listed per parfait

Author: Bite-sized thoughts

Ingredients - per parfait
Approximately 100g (1/3 cup) plain or vanilla dairy free yoghurt
Approximately 30g (1/3 cup) rolled oats
Approximately 60g (1/4 cup) applesauce or apple puree - mine was sweetned
Approximately 1 tbsp sultanas / raisins

Fruit, to top

Spoon half of the yoghurt (~50g) into the bottom of a glass or parfait dish. Add half of the rolled oats,  then half of the applesauce, in layers. Sprinkle in a few sultanas/raisins. 

Add the remaining oats, then the remaining yoghurt, and then the remaining applesauce, spreading into layers as you go. Sprinkle the remaining sultanas/raisins over the top and allow to chill in the fridge overnight.

Top with fruit at the time of serving.

What are you enjoying for breakfast at the moment? With the weather warming up, I'm slowly moving away from porridge and towards dishes like these.

This post is part of my fundraising efforts for the 2015 London Marathon. I am running for Beat, the UK eating disorder charity. If you liked this recipe and are in a position to make a donation, I'd be grateful for any contribution you could spare! You can make a donations of any size on my fundraising page.

Check out my introductory post and my fundraising page for more information. 

Days until the marathon: 24                   Training miles logged in 2015: 337.7


  1. Good luck with your long run tomorrow :)

    My desire to eat porridge for breakfast doesn't seem to change much throughout the seasons, but I'm trying to get more into green smoothies - and eat more probiotics so I really out to try out making yogurt parfaits!

    1. I'm easing back into smoothies at the moment too :) They just weren't as enjoyable mid-winter!

  2. Ooh ... I'm another lover of apple puree, and a big porridge for breakfast fan ... these are totally going to hit the spot methinks :)

  3. I have a love hate affair with apple sauce - I sometimes disdain it as baby food and then taste it - esp home made stewed apples and fall in love all over again. I suspect I would love these parfaits if I could get myself organised. And it would have to wait until after my hot cross bun breakfasts of easter!

    1. Hot cross buns should definitely take priority for this weekend :D

  4. I love the look of your parfaits. I love apple sauce too. When I was growing up we always had at least one jar of apple sauce on the go. I'd dip into it with a spoon and not stop. It makes a great dessert too and I'd spoon it over ice cream. Happy Easter Kari, to you and Mr Bite xx

    1. I haven't had it on ice cream! Definitely something to try :)

  5. These sound amazing! I would love this - I alrwady make an oat and yoghurt breakfast pudding.

  6. Yes to apple purée! I usually just eat it with plain soy yog for a little something sweet after lunch but I really like the look of this breakfast version. I always have those little baby food portions of apple sauce in my cupboard!
    Hope the long run went well :)

    1. I'm glad others share the apple puree love! It's such a nice way to add sweetness and flavour to yoghurt :)

  7. Hi Kari. the marathon is getting close. good luck. i love these parfaits. i often have apple sauce and yoghurt and muesli for breakfast. I just love it

    1. You and I are on the same breakfast wavelength :D

      Thanks for the good luck wishes too!

  8. Yes! These sound delicious and just the thing for James to start eating with me (perhaps minus the sultanas). Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with the run preparations! :)


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