Thursday, December 4, 2014

365 project: November photos

This will be my second last photo set for 2014, and December marks the closing stages of my 365 project. Truthfully, I think I will be glad to bring the project to a close - my focus on careful and creative photos has faded and I am becoming lazier again with snapping shots for the sake of them! Nonetheless, I am still enjoying a greater focus on photography and this month has brought new challenges with shorter daylight hours and gloomier skies.

I think my favourites this month are numbers 5, 8, 14, 25 and 28...the last image (outdoor ice skating at Canary Wharf) because it sums up a Christmassy London so well.

1st: London at dusk (#1) / 2nd: London at dusk (#2) / 3rd: London at dusk (#3) / 4th: London at night (#1) / 5th: London at night (#2) 

6th: Form (#1) / 7th: Form (#2) / 8th: Invitation / 9th: More autumn / 10th: Reflections

11th: Love / 12th: Foggy morning / 13th: Greenwich grandour / 14th: Leafy arcade / 15th: Delight

16th: Conwy castle / 17th: Castle walls / 18th: Three bridges / 19th: Conwy harbour / 20th: Sunlit

21st: Tumbling / 22nd: Old Mill / 23rd: Bodnant garden (#1) / 24th: Bodnant garden (#2) / 25th: Bodnant garden (#3)

26th: Travel / 27th: Resting / 28th: Canary Wharf skating / 29th: Twinkling / 30th: Candy Grotto

Previous photo recaps: January, February, March, April, May, June, JulyAugust and September, and October.
Do you have any favourite images this month?


  1. I love the conwy castle photos and the last three festive ones - am sure your december photos will be full of festive shots.

  2. It looks like you had a really good month.
    I love photo challenges, but I find I get bored doing them after a while.

    1. I am quite glad to have got through 11 months, I must say :)

  3. Well done on finishing your project - so many people start something and give up halfway through. It's always so satisfying to know that you finished what you started. You have certainly visited some beautiful gardens in the last month. That candy grotto looks interesting xx

    1. Thanks Charlie - it will be quite nice to reach the end of the year I think. We have been very fortunate with beautiful sights this month.


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