Thursday, October 2, 2014

365 project: August and September photos

This is a jam packed photo post! With Vegan MoFo last month, I am only sharing my photo-a-day images from August now, along with my September's photos. In the mix are sunny skies and early autumnal colours, a marker of the weather shifts seen over the last 8 weeks. It is still mild and mostly sunny in London, but the days are shortening, leaves are changing colour, and there is a crisp note in the air most mornings. I'm delighted: I love autumn, and autumn in England is entirely new to me. All of my past UK visits have been in summer or winter, so this time of year is novel and exciting.

My August photos seem a long time ago now, and include an unexpected number of flowers! I particularly love those in #6, as they were given to me my sister and her boyfriend on their visit. The cycling hedge man in  #8 is another favourite.

1st: Reflecting / 2nd: Confident bird / 3rd: Flower markets / 4th: Canal side / 5th: Before I die...

6th: Beauty / 7th: Silhouette / 8th: Hedge cyclist / 9th: London summer / 10th: Narrow architecture

11th: Salted caramel cupcake / 12th: Regent's Park / 13th: Sunlit colour / 14th: Faded lace / 15th: Waving

16th: Yellow burst / 17th: Purple tones / 18th: Architectural attraction / 19th: Lomo church / 20th: Wedding bus

21st: Folding bike / 22nd: Distant London / 23rd: Tranquil / 24th: Happy crumpets / 25th: Mellow Cutty Sark

26th: Bright / 27th: Plum petals / 28th: Distant manor house ; 29th: Local tranquility / 30th: Autumn 

31st: Country magic

In September, we have a cluster of photos (#1-8) from Rye and surrounds in East Sussex. We spent a weekend there when my Mum was visiting, for a mini-family reunion on her side. It is a beautiful part of the country. I also like photo #11, taken at the Horniman Gardens in south-east London. Photos #20-25 were taken over the London Open House weekend, where we bypassed enormous queues for London's tall and/or famous buildings (like the Gherkin) and enjoyed some of the old guild buildings in the City of London. 

1st: Olde glory / 2nd: Distant scenes / 3rd: Grazing / 4th: Approaching / 5th: Morning light 

6th: Castle walls / 7th Balance / 8th: Camber Sands / 9th: Grass covered library / 10th: Vibrant

11th: Oasis / 12th: Bee line / 13th: Don't blink / 14th: Intricate roofing / 15th: Thames at Kingston

16th: Biking heaven / 17th: Morden / 18th: Happy dogs / 19th: Autumn scenes / 20th: Open London

21st: Draper's Hall / 22nd: Eyes up / 23rd: Guildhall / 24th: Gog / 25th: City of London Crypt

26th: Headache / 27th: Run / 28th: Fluffy joy / 29th: Inverted world / 30th: Autumn (#2)

All in all, it seems we did more in the last 2 months than I had remembered!

Do you have any favourite images from the above?

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  1. Autumn is my favourite too and I'd love to experience it over there (or in New England in the US). Lovely photos!

    1. I think New England in the US wins for amazing colours, but it is definitely proving more of a distinct season here than in Australia!

  2. wow that is quite some couple of months - am very jealous of you doing open house london - looks like you saw some amazing old buildings - also jealous of your time in rye - lots of photos of flowers - love the autumn photos and the happy crumpets - you must really be enjoying autumn in london as I remember you commenting on perth not being very autumnal

    1. You have a good memory :-) Yes, I think the UK will satisfy my autumn desires far more, even if it is still throwing up touches of summer at this stage. I thought of you with Open House London as you opened my eyes to the Australian equivalents - it was fantastic but a tad overwhelming as there is so much to choose from!

  3. It's nice to see the season change through your photos. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year.

  4. What a beautiful selection of images from your first two months here. I especially love your leafy green scenes as this is a side of London that I rarely get to see. #19 Sept is stunning ♥

    1. Thank you - it was a lovely outing that one and I did love the scene and photo :-)


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