Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And we're off!

Or nearly at least. Internet will be disconnected shortly, so this is my last Australian blogging hurrah!

Over the last few days, our belongings have been packed up...

...and freighted off to travel to London by sea.

Most of our furniture was transported to family (my sister is setting up her first home later this year), which involved hiring (and driving!) a trailer. It also involved a lot of heavy lifting. A lot.

Our bedroom turned into a disaster zone when we realised we wouldn't fit into our planned suitcases.


Subsequently, we bought another suitcase.

It's huge. I hope we scrape under our luggage allowance.

Yes, that is the expandable section that's unzipped.

We visited the tip (rubbish dump), which was surprisingly fun.

We said goodbye to family and friends.

We visited the ocean for the last time (at night).

We ate odd meals (more on those another time).

We cleaned, and cleaned some more.

We have a very empty house.

And, in not too long, we will be flying.

See you from London!


  1. Hope your travels go well and you have a smooth arrival and transition in London, looking forward to your posts from the new location, but will also miss the tales from Perth.

  2. Wishing you safe travels, my dear friend! Excited to see what London has in store for you and Mr. Bite.

  3. You sound happy and excited with the change! All the best and have fun safe trip! Can't wait till your first London bloggin' :)

    Gourmet Getaways

  4. Kari I'm so excited for you. A new adventure, a new chapter, a new....well everything dear girl.
    I hope it all goes beautifully for you both. xx

  5. Good luck with your move! We are just back from a holiday and I wondered if I had missed you leaving - but alas not, just in time! (Just catching up on blog posts now!) Hope you settle in well on the other side of the world and don't miss the sun too much ;-)

  6. I imagine you won't see this until you're in England, so WELCOME!! Hope the settling in part goes well and that the sunshine sticks around to greet you :)

  7. Good luck! At least having got rid of so much you will arrive in london with little to start with a lots of scope to add to your stuff. And I always feel like I have so much in my case and then see others at the airport who seem to have twice as much. You probably need a good rest now so hope you can just relax a bit when you get to London

  8. You must be exhausted not only physically but also mentally from all the organising and sorting. What a huge undertaking. Bon voyage and safe travels and I'll look forward to hearing all about London in your next post xx


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