Friday, May 2, 2014

365 project: April photos

Another new month, and another photo recap. With a third of the year behind us (!), it seems possible now to imagine this project through to its end. As with March, April's photos were not all taken on the day allocated to them, which is really helping with the practicalities of the project.

One of my favourite images this month was #20, capturing a streak across the sky from a recent plane. I took the photo using the panoramic setting on my camera, and as a consequence, it doesn't really fit in the collage images below. To do it justice, I am posting it in its own right here too!

As for the rest of the month, those images are below. In addition to #20, my favourites include #17 and #19.

1st: Strawberry smoothie / 2nd: Lunchtime workers / 3rd: Traditional shopping / 4th: Taking a mark / 5th: At the game

6th: Lost tree / 7th: Bottle brushes / 8th: Happy birthday / 9th: Autumn sunshine / 10th: Waiting

11th: Zucchini tower / 12th: Concentration / 13th: Refined view / 14th: Amusing labelling / 15th: Emerging moon

16th: Birds (#3) / 17th: Beauty / 18th: Bibbulmun Track / 19th: Tranquil walking / 20th: Streak

21st: Lone duck / 22nd: Murky swan / 23rd: Ascent / 24th Rough bark / 25th: Deserted fair ground

26th: Bird (#4) / 27th: Rainbow batteries / 28th: Changing leaves / 29th: More leaves / 30th: Fallen tree

Previous photo recaps: January, February and March.

Do you have any favourite images from this month?


  1. great to see your pics as always - seems to be lots of nature photos this month - I love #6 and #25 - am curious about what number 6 is?

    1. A remaining tree stump :-) I love the photo too, but we were devastated to see the tree go - it was a big fig tree adjoining an oval near us that must have been hundreds of years old. I don't know why the council decided to chop it!

  2. Love getting these pictures into your life!

  3. I love your photos. You're very talented with your camera.

    1. Or selective in what I show ;) Thank you!

  4. What a great idea! Love that picture of "zucchini tower", that sounds delish! :)

  5. Ooh! I really need to learn to take panoramic shots! So cool. I know! I can't believe it's already May…oh boy. Looks like you spent a lot of time enjoying the nature. I'm especially drawn to that swan...


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