Friday, July 19, 2013

Jumbo salad with all the things (kale, cabbage, green papaya and a peanut-chilli-soy dressing)

Naming this salad was hard. I thought about "Purple kale and cabbage salad with a spicy peanut butter dressing". I considered "Thai salad with a twist".  In the end I just gave up. It has so many good things, it defies a simple name.

One of the other advantages of this salad is that it lends itself well to customisation. Green papaya isn't always an accessible ingredient, but grated / spiralized zucchini would step in as an alternative. More carrot would also work, or bean sprouts, or snow peas. This is really a salad concept rather than a strict salad recipe.

I would, however, recommend that you make the dressing in a similar manner to below. It is very good, and I say that as someone who is not a big fan of salad dressings. If you are a fan, you might even want to double the dressing quantity. I made it to season the salad mix, but not to coat it liberally. If you prefer a liberal coating...make a bit more.

I softened the kale and cabbage by allowing them to stand in hot water first. I prefer kale that way to fully raw, but if you feel the opposite, just omit the hot water step to give a raw dish.

This can be served as a stand alone salad, but it works particularly well topped with tofu (I loved it with satay tofu) or nuts.

Jumbo salad with all the things
(kale, cabbage, green papaya and a peanut-chilli-soy dressing)
Can be customized to taste and available produce
Gives 2-3 large salad serves or a greater number of side dish serves

For the salad
1 bunch red kale (or regular green kale), tough stems removed and roughly chopped
1/4 green cabbage, roughly chopped
About 1 cup grated green papaya (equivalent to 1 small green papaya)
1 medium carrot, finely sliced or grated
1 small red capsicum, finely sliced
1 tomato, finely sliced

For the dressing
1 tbsp natural peanut butter
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce (or use chilli sauce and add brown sugar)
2 tsp nutritional yeast
1/4 cup warm water

Place the kale and cabbage in a large saucepan and cover with boiling water. Allow to stand for 1-2 minutes, to soften. (Optional.)

Transfer the kale and cabbage to a large bowl and add the remaining salad ingredients.

Combine the dressing ingredients in a small bowl or jug and whisk to combine.

Pour the dressing over the salad and mix through thoroughly with your hands. Serve immediately or keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Serve alone or topped with tofu, almonds, or peanuts.

Submitted to Ricki's Wellness Weekend 18th to 22nd July 2013.

What is your current favourite salad mix?


  1. Yep, you can make this for me one day.

  2. oh yum! I've got to grab some pb and green papaya and get stuck into this one :) Thanks! x

  3. a good peanut dressing is great for making any vegies taste great! having said that we are not doing many salads in my house right now - it is too cold!

    1. They're quite rare here too, if I'm honest :P

  4. This salad sounds lovely and is so colourful.

  5. Peanut butter dressing ALWAYS sounds good to me, so this is definitely going to make an appearance in my life!

    1. Peanut butter really does do wonders to most things, doesn't it?!

  6. Jumbo salad with all things is my favorite kind of salad. Peanut sauce is amazing - I don't think I've ever used nooch in it before, gotta try that. And papaya is an ingredient I tend not to use either, though I love green papaya salads! This sounds awesome!

    1. Thanks Allysia! Nutritional yeast and peanut butter go together amazingly - I definitely recommend it!

  7. This dressing sounds wonderful! Great salad.

  8. I think the spicy peanut dressing on these vegetables would be really delicious. Great recipe xx

    1. I will admit, the dressing really makes this!

  9. I love papaya in a salad but have never tried it myself at home. This looks yummy! I will have to try and find papaya now :)

  10. I am addicted to salad. I cant get enough. I dont care how cold it is. Please make yours for me for lunch!

    1. If only it was easier to ship across to you!


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