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Product review and give away: AntiOx chocolate bars

Much as I'm looking forward to sharing travel news, I am also delighted to bring you this Product Talk by Nuffnang post today, courtesy of Nuffnang and AntiOx

As most of you know, almost all of my product review posts feature products that I have found and bought myself. Today is slightly different, as the AntiOx products I'm reviewing were sent to me (by the company that owns the brand, Vitality Brands) for free. A significant benefit of this arrangement is that I not only get to review the products, but also host a give away so that you can try them too!

The pack I received (and which you can win!) included three of the AntiOx 40g snack bars, and two of the AntiOx 80g chocolate blocks. I had tried the chocolate blocks before, but the snack bars were new to me. All make use of 70% cocoa, and sugar-free and stevia sweetened dark chocolate.

40g snack bar varieties: Acai, Chia and Quinoa, and Goji.

The brand name stems from the addition of products like goji berries, acai, chia and even quinoa to dark chocolate. The result is something that, according to the company's website, can deliver antioxidants equal to 12 cups of green tea in one 80g block of chocolate. Much as I'd like green tea, I know which I'd take...

I'm not really here to tell you about the antioxidant levels, though, because I'm of the view that chocolate should taste good first and have any purported health benefits second. If you do want to read about the benefits of the ingredients, you can do so on the AntiOx website.

What I like about these products is that they're vegan, taste good, and are less likely to give you a sugar crash than regular commercial chocolate. What is more, the individual snack bars are like a grown up Cherry Ripe bar. Seriously!

40g snack bars unwrapped.

The Acai snack bar has mixed whole grains as the first ingredient contribution (at 33%, and including rolled oats and wholegrain wheat puffs), which isn't necessarily what you expect in a chocolate bar. They contribute to the filling being firm yet chewy, and pair with acai pieces, acai powder, additional mixed berries, vanilla and stevia to make up the filling. The filling is offset by the 70% cocoa chocolate, which makes up one-third of the weight of the bar, and the overall effect is chocolate that is fruity as much as it is cocoa-y. The Acai bar tasted of redcurrant and grape, and a bit like I imagine dark chocolate would be if eaten with a glass of red wine.

From left to right: Goji, Acai, and  Chia and Quinoa snack bars.

The ingredients for the Goji bar and Chia and Quinoa bars were similar, but instead of acai flavours there were goji berries (for the Goji bar) or chia seeds, puffed quinoa and pomegranate juice (for the Chia and Quinoa bar). 

Nutritional information for the Chia and Quinoa snack bar (the other flavours are similar).

Of the three snack bars, the Goji bar was my favourite, and most remiscient of a Cherry Ripe. In fact, I could taste cherries first and foremost, as well as rose undertones and goji berries themselves. It was probably also the softest in texture of the bars, which I liked. In contrast, the Chia and Quinoa bar had the densest interior and seemed more like a muesli bar than a traditional chocolate bar. 

Goji snack bar - my favourite variety.

The chocolate blocks are similar to traditional dark chocolate in their flavours, and if you enjoy 70% cocoa chocolate with fruity notes, you'll probably like these. Like the snack bars, I could taste cherries where theoretically none existed, but I could also taste redcurrants and actual goji berries and perhaps a little raspberry too. In sum, there are berries in this chocolate, and they are good.

All in all, I liked these snack bars and chocolate blocks rather a lot. I don't need them to proclaim their health benefits, but if you like that kind of thing, you might find the claims to be a bonus benefit. If not - rest assured that they taste good, and they add welcome variety to the mainstream vegan chocolates available in Australia.

For your chance to win your own pack (consisting of 6 AntiOx snack bars and 4 AntiOx chocolate blocks!), you simply need to leave a comment below answering Why do you want to try the new AntiOx snack bars and chocolate? 

This competition is open to Australian residents only (sorry non-Australians); you need to be aged 14 or older; and you need to ensure that your comment links to a blog with contact details or that you leave your contact details in your comment. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

The competition is open until Friday 28th June and two winners will be selected based on the most creative comments, as selected by the competition judges (not me). 

For an additional chance to win AntiOx snack bars, visit the AntiOx Facebook page where they are hosting a Winter Snack Bar Giveaway.

Many thanks to Nuffnang and AntiOx for sending me my sample!

Update July 2013 - Congratulations to Jan Sprouts n Squats and Hotly Spiced on being selected as the two winners!

For an additional review of the AntiOx Goji chocolate (under its previous branding), see Hannah's review post here. She tasted Cherry Ripes too!


  1. they sound interesting and I understand where the name comes from but it sounds like they don't like oxen :-) love your photos of inside the bars - that is the most beguiling reason for me to look out for them in the shops

  2. They sound yum! Would be nice to win the antiox products so I can give my chocoholic 3 year old some healthy chocolate :)

  3. I would love to trial them as I love trying out new products and I am a HUGE fan of Chia Seeds and Goji berries and those look really delicious :)

  4. I would love to try these as would my uni students - they're always asking me to buy these sorts of snacks for them. I think my favourite would be the goji too. The chocolate looks lovely and dark and it's good to know how these are so very good for you too xx

  5. Ummmm.... tough question - WHY would I like to try these bars? Hmmmm because they sound DELICIOUS!?! Ha, anyway these seem like a treat that actually has a huge whack of nutritional benefit, so I am IN - grown up Cherry Ripe? YES PLEASE. The chia/quinoa bar sounds really interesting.

    Yay what a FUN giveaway - and your holiday looked AMAZING..... so envious, am gagging to get up North!

  6. I want to try them to see if I like them more or less than I did years ago, when I first tried them but before they had the snack bars (I think). I totally remember thinking the large goji chocolate block was a bit like Cherry Ripes, too! High five.

    P.S. I'm totally still a resident, legally and parents'-address-wise ;)

  7. Because they look like the perfect dessert! Because they're sweetened with stevia! Because they have awesome ingredients... because I do :)

  8. oooooooooooo look good! Sound like a healthy way to cure those "time of the month" cravings if you ask me ;-)

  9. Oh my goodness. These are just what I have been looking for lately. What a bummer that I can't get them over here!

  10. Mmm, healthy chocolate :) that sounds like a a great reason to eat more chocolate :)

  11. Chocolate and healthy? That's two reasons :)

  12. You had me at like a cherry ripe bar only healthy. Yum.

    Also, I'm doing this health / walking challenge at work at present, so I clearly *need* healthy chocolate snacks in my life!!

  13. Yum!! These chocolate bars look and sound amazing!! Love that the first ingredient listed is whole grains! You know how much I love them ;). I would like to try the chia and quinoa flavor as I'm a huge fan of anything nutty. I wonder if I can purchase these in the States...I look forward to reading about your recent trip!

  14. Well for one, they look delicious! I love the ingredients as well!

  15. Wow they look super healthy. I would love to try them for a snack on the run. I go through phases where I make my own muesli bars but it never sticks. I love having bag snacks handy :)

  16. Am trying to reduce additives and chemicals from my diet - looks like I may have found the solution to those sweet cravings...

  17. I would love to win because as a chocoholic im always hindering my diet. I already snack on goji berries so having these in a chocolate bar that isnt going straight to my thighs would be bliss.

  18. I would love to win because I'm live for a healthy lifestyle , antio ox is the best healthy snack that tastes just like a chocolate bar with all the health benefits. I love it . Now I can eat chocolate without having to worry about it affecting my weight

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