Sunday, October 21, 2012

A vegan MoFo round up

Others have done some round up posts for Vegan MoFo already. I also suspect that many of you don't, strictly speaking, need a round up post of any variety. If you're like me, you already have a long list of bookmarked recipes, and that list grows at a steady pace.

Over time, however, I have reached the conclusion that once your bookmarked recipe list reaches a certain length, it is no longer worth trying to curtail it and you may as well save as many recipes as you like in the knowledge that you are never going to make them all, but you might just get to the one you save today (because who knows what one will want to make tomorrow, never mind next month?).

Besides, sometimes it's fun just looking at great dishes, even if you never plan to make them yourself.

With that stance in mind, combined with my own enjoyment of others' round up posts when they appear, here are some of the recipes that I have bookmarked since Vegan MoFo began. As always, I like to throw random photos into these sorts of posts, so this includes some previously unposted travel photos from last month...

Lincoln, Lincolnshire - one of many beautiful buildings to be seen through many beautiful trees

Savoury / main meals

Grenada jerk tofu with Grenada red beans and rice on Veganise This! - one of many truly wonderful international recipes that Mel has veganised this month (and see Mel's blog for some other Vegan MoFo round ups)

Lemony herb potato soup on Eat to the Beet - my sort of potato soup

Lentil and eggplant chilli mole, with fresh corn and scallion cornbread, on Miscdebris - a timely post in light of my recent chocolate pasta experiment

Chapel at Skipton Castle, Skipton, Yorkshire

Popcorn crumbed pumpkin hash brown with apricot and beetroot relish on The Spade and Spoon - a very impressive dish that includes processed / crumbled popcorn in the hash browns

Roasted garlic, caramlized onion and fig pizza on The Vegan Road - figs on pizza now seem absolutely essential as something to try

This vegetable garden had to be photographed...Helmsley, North Yorkshire

Snacks / desserts

Molasses cookies on The Common or Garden Vegan - easy, spiced cookie balls, suitable to make with children

Pumpkin spice scrolls on Green Gourmet Giraffe - beautiful looking, and beautifully flavoured, scrolls

Durham, and bits of Durham Castle and Cathedral, County Durham (also the  town I lived in as an infant)

Quick apple cake on Including Cake! - almost a cross between a cake, pie and cookie

Quinoa crackers with chocolate coconut coating on Fridge Scrapings - both components of this recipe sound wonderful and together they sound quite divine

Traditional Lancashire bonfire black peas on Chocolate and Beyond - reportedly to be eaten on Guy Fawkes Night (the 5th November), I think I'd be happy to eat these at any time

Baddesley Clinton manor house, south of Birmingham

I have listed just 10 of many wonderful recipes to appear over the last fortnight - never mind those appearing on blogs not partaking in Vegan Mofo - and I am sure there will be many more coming before the end of this month. I think that November may see me reviewing my bookmarks folder to make a plan of attack...

Any favourite recipes you've bookmarked lately? And how good are you at making things you bookmark - I admit to a somewhat hit and miss track record!

This post is part of my Vegan Month of Food contributions for October 2012. 


  1. Thanks for the mention! I like writing these posts too (although mine have been a lot briefer) as I think it will be helpful to look back on for myself when I have a bit more time. There are interesting sounding recipes here, a few I have seen but there are many I haven't.

    1. Looking back on them myself is a benefit I like too - they give me just one link to go to instead of 10 (or so) separate ones!

  2. Great round up - I love seeing others bookmarked mofo recipes because I am not getting around as much I would like - but who can with mofo!

    I find that I return to my bookmarked recipes and have just made some digestives using your post and also a post I bookmarked years ago as inspiration.

    Love your pictures too - so many beautiful buildings

    1. I am so glad you made digestives! I hope they worked out for you and you enjoyed them - hopefully you'll post your version and let me know if you figured out the 'wholemeal' :)

  3. So many delicious sounding recipes there. I love the images. I would love a vegetable garden like the one photographed xx

  4. I feel the same way about my bookmarked recipes...It gets to a point that it's too overwhelming to go through them, so I love "Round-Up" posts. : )

  5. I generally star the recipes I want to try in my Google Reader and then copy and paste them in my gmail and send them to myself. I then label them in my email as "recipes" and send them to my printer. If I don't print out the recipe then and there, I'll never get around to making them!

    1. I actually never print mine! I copy the details down mostly, so have all these random scraps of paper :P

  6. Oh WOW.... thanks for the mention, oh I feel very chuffed to be among such stupendous recipe-creators :)

    I have real problems sticking to recipes.... so I actually rarely bookmark stuff as I know I'm never going to behave and abide by the directions. I find I cook better if I just "wing" it ;)

    1. I inevitably change things, but do try to follow structure when I'm attempting to re-create something - but agree that winging it is more fun and that happens quite a lot too :)

  7. Thanks for mentioning my black peas :) Yes, you could certainly eat them as a side vegetable too, where you might eat standard peas.

    Regarding bookmarked recipes (I actually put all mine in EverNote), there are so many incredible recipes out there that my recipe list is becoming nigh on impossible to manage. I have many cook books too that have recipes in that I want to make, and then there are all the wonderful vegan food blogs out there with fab recipes as well.

    Plus, if you have a food blog, you want to create your own recipes for original content! So it does become overwhelming, but in a good way. I don't know, I think I will have to grow another stomach! Or have EVEN MORE dinner parties!


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