Friday, August 31, 2012

What I enjoyed this month: August 2012

Tomorrow, there will be a wedding.

Something I never thought I'd attend as the bride.

Indeed, five years ago, I would have placed bets on never getting married, if I was a betting sort of person.

Five years ago, I was also convinced that I would never settle down with somebody. 

(I did allow for the possibility that a relationship would work if my partner and I lived in separate houses, or he was a fly in-fly out worker, but other than that - nope. Just couldn't see it.)

That changed five months ago, on a beach in northern Western Australia.

Tomorrow, I will no doubt be nervous. There will probably be worries. The weather. Everyone arriving. Me arriving. Getting my dress on. Not falling over. After reading Lou's post, not burning my hair.

But tomorrow, I will also be happy and I will know that I am very, very lucky. 

To have found the one man I can imagine spending the rest of my life with, and to be confirming that commitment, seems like the single most important thing in the world. 

So whilst August involved a lot, the thing that sticks with me, as I look back, is not really August at all. 

It is the looking ahead to tomorrow, the first day of September, and to what I hope with all my heart will be many days and weeks and months and years ahead.



  2. Oh I am SO excited for you.... just remember to try and soak in every last moment of the day, because before you know it, it's done and dusted. Seriously, it's like time literally flies on your wedding day.

    5 years ago I had no idea either - I bought a one way ticket to Melbourne and NOW I am married with an almost 2 year old - life/love is a crazy, wonderful thing, huh?

    Much love to you and your soon to be husband, thinking of you!

  3. happy wedding day - I hadn't realised it was the first day of spring until today - such a great date for a wedding - nice symbolism and I hope the sun shines on you and Mr Bite

  4. I'm so happy for you, so happy for you, so happy for you. Right now as my own heart feels fragmented, it gives me strength to think of yours strengthening alongside Mr Bite's. xo

  5. Congratulations Kari!!!! Wishing and the Mr all the happiness in the world. Tomorrow will be perfect. Take your time, laugh lots and enjoy every moment! :)

  6. MAJOR congratulations my dear! I hope you have a lovely amazing wedding day...everything you deserve!

  7. Oh Kari!! I'm getting all so emotional and jittery reading this right now! Yes! It's the beginning of something beautiful and indescribable! I'll be praying that everything will go smoothly and just as you had hoped! Oh, I can't wait to see all the pictures! Just relax and try to soak in every single moment bc times sure flies! I wish I had...instead of running around like a madwoman! CONGRATS again! Thinking of you!!

  8. Yay!! Wedding day!! I just know that you are going to be a beautiful bride! Best wishes to you both!

  9. Congratulations! I am so happy and excited for you. I hope that everything goes well except for a few fun hiccups that you can laugh about in years to come. Those are the best!

  10. I hope this weekend has been a magic one for you Kari.

  11. yesterday was the big day and I'm SO excited to hear about it!!! CONGRATS!!!

  12. Congratulations Kari. I hope the wedding day was amazing. I do hope you post some images. Isn't it amazing how our ideas of marriage change when we meet 'the one'. Congrats again xx

  13. The first of September is my parent's wedding anniversary. They have been married for 39 years. There have been happy, sad, easy, difficult years in that time but they have done it all together. I wish you a marriage as brilliant as my parents with whom you now share an anniversary.

  14. Hope it was a big success. I've had trouble commenting. I hope this one works!

  15. Congratulations!
    I am so happy for you. It truly believe it happens when you least expect it.


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