Friday, March 30, 2012

What I've enjoyed this month: March 2012

Another month (nearly) over and another review post to honour the occasion. March has been a bit easier going than February, thank goodness, and I'm hoping our trip north can provide a nice finish and transition to April. Poor Mr Bite has now come down with a cold though - separate, it would seem, to my chest infection! - so we are doing a tag team of sub-optimal health. Fingers crossed he feels better for our planned departure tomorrow.

Illness aside, there have been some positives to March. Quite a few in fact.

I enjoyed a run of Mexican dishes, starting with the dinner for Mr Bite's mother and ending with this lunch:

A rare yellow capsicum (rare that I buy them, not rare per se) with four-bean mix, salsa, nutritional yeast and a side of barbecue-flavoured rice crackers.

I'm not sure why I stopped this run of Mexican actually.

I also enjoyed pineapple, lemon and ginger tea that my Mum brought back for me from Queensland.

Her trip to Queensland actually deserves note in its own right - my Dad has travelled for business semi-regularly for the duration of my life, but this was the first time my Mum went away for work. I think she had a good time, but heard via my sister that home meals were a bit odd in her absence!

Yes, my tea strainer for loose leaf teas is a duck. I like it very much.

I took my camera around the local neighbourhood.

There's something really fun about taking a different perspective on things nearby.

I rediscovered pikelets...

No further explanation required.

We went to Sculptures by the Sea...

We also enjoyed watching Season One of MisfitsHas anyone else seen this English science fiction comedy drama on ABC 2? We watched Season Two last year and it was one of those rare shows that we both really liked, to the extent that I actually looked forward to watching it (there are few TV shows in that category for me).

Our local library had Season One and we finally reached the top of the reserve queue this month. I think it was even better than the second season, but I'm now slightly worried that the show is on a downhill slide...I'm not liking Season Three as much. We've only watched the first episode of it though, so I should probably give it more time.

Finally, on a blog note, I updated my Recipes page. It's now streamlined with new sub-headers, and I like it much better.

Tomorrow, to Exmouth! Or at least, to Geraldton, on route to Exmouth. There may be some picture heavy posts over the next week :-) (my laptop is coming with us).

What has your March involved?


  1. Glad your March has been better than your February. I really hope you have a great trip. Can't believe you're leaving tomorrow! And so looking forward to seeing your posted images because you're going to a part of Australia I am yet to discover xx

    1. Thank you! It's a new part for me to so it's been an exciting journey thus far. This country is so big!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Misfits! I've only seen the first two seasons, partly because I've heard the third isn't good, but oh dear heavens, it's so wrong and yet I find myself laughing hysterically. Nathan is just so unbelievable hysterical. My other current favourite show is Dance Academy, which is pretty much the polar opposite in terms of innocence :D

  3. enjoy your break! Hope Mr Bite's health improves for it.

    Love your ducky tea infuser and the sub headers on your recipe pages. I have watched a few episodes of Misfits and thought I would enjoy it if I had got into it earlier in the series and if it was one that E would sit and watch with me.

    1. Thanks Johanna :) I think one of the advantages of Misfits for me is that it's a show we both loved...far too few of them I find.

  4. oooh- I always love Mexican meals!

  5. I like picture heavy posts!
    That little red man statue still makes me smile. It's so... whimsical. Innocent, almost.

    I am glad march is over! There was a lot of junk packed into one month. The good aspects of it were taking a week off for spring break ("off" as in no school!) and celebrating my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend.

    1. I'm glad your March is over too in that case :) But congratulations on your 2 year anniversary! I just commented on your blog and forgot to say that :/

  6. That duck is awesome!!!
    Enjoy your trip away, hope you both come back all healthy.
    (ps. package sent Friday, I was a bit slow.)

    1. Thank you! And not slow at all :) Probably perfect timing in fact given we're away - less time for it to sit at the post office!

  7. March looks like delicious fun. Have a great trip, and enjoy the (still, but probably not for long) great reefs on that coastline!

    1. Thanks Theresa...and yes, it is so sad to think how quickly things are deteriorating. I'm glad we're going before it's too late.


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