Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why I like December

I am not a big fan of Summer. Generally by the time Autumn rolls around I am convinced I live in the wrong country and am ready to move to the Northern hemisphere.

Despite this, though, I very much like December. Let me tell you why...

Christmas is coming. 

There are decorations to put up, surprises to plan, presents to buy, and shopping to legitimately do. 

There are more opportunities for baking and cooking. 

Work tends to wind down. People seem friendlier.

It is light when I get up (which is 5.40am on weekdays), and when we eat dinner. 

The temperatures are not yet (usually, and please this year too) too hot. 

The warmer weather is conducive to family barbecues and there are generally more family catch ups to be had.

It is the month in which summer fruit arrives with a vengeance.

[Incidentally, this photo was taken last weekend. I have eaten all but 1 of the apricots, all of the plums, most of the peaches and nectarines, and both mangoes. I may turn into a piece of fruit.]

It is the month in which my birthday falls.

It is the last month of the year, and there is a metaphorical 'tidying up' that happens in my head. 

It also means that we are nearly at a new year, which allows for a certain freshness and even excitement.

I have 12 days off from the 23rd December, thanks to my workplace's few-public-holidays-but-time-off-in-lieu-at-Christmas arrangement.

I have Christmas themed recipes to try and share, and can finally legitimately do so.

The first will involve cranberries...

What does December mean to you?


  1. December is my birthday month too! Actually we have so many family birthdays in December it makes the Christmas madness even more chaotic. I don't usually enjoy the lead up to Christmas but when it arrives I love it because it means catching up with family as well as time off work!

  2. I share a lot of your feelings about december - I do often find myself wondering where the year went and reminiscing about childhood christmases which were so much fun - started my christmas baking tonight - have christmas cake baking now and I hope it is finally cooked and I can go to bed! And I love our christmas cds!

  3. thank you for your euro advice!! i also love December, unfortunately it is the opposite of warm and sunny here in New York - luckily Christmas fixes everything :)

  4. What day is your birthday? Mine is the 10th.
    December this year means finishing fall quarter, family, cookies, running (I haven't had time with school) and turning 21. After the first thing is out of the way, it'll be a great month!

  5. December means Christmas; the birth of our Lord:) It is also the month of holidays; year end and a very emotional month as I review the one year of what I have done or not done. I always associate the month with lovely weather; winter and snow, but we don't have it here. However, there's rainfall and breeze at this time of the year, and that makes me happy!:)
    It is a month of family time, of giving and receiving, shopping and just enjoying the remaining of the year left ;) Now you've inspired me to write a post on December myself, LOL!:D

    I laughed at the line that you are about to turn into a fruit yourself after consuming so many fruits, but I am telling you, plums, peaches, nectarines? Oh my, these are my favorites and we only get them here seasonally...who cares about turning into a fruit if you have these as your companion everyday...LOL:D

  6. Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you ;)

  7. I love your list! I actually find December usually a bit crazy busy, January is my month for sorting and getting things in order.

    I have just eaten a mango and a peach. This weekend I'm determined to find some good cherries (although the storms earlier this week have apparently devastated the crop - poor farmers) and am going to start the Christmas food prep. Blackberry cordial is first on the list.

  8. I'm convinced I was supposed to be German or Scandinavian. It's too hot for me too in summer, (although I do love an early morning swim before breakfast on the weekend- I'm not sure I would be doing that in Scandinavia.)
    December for me means a flurry of baking for presents, and two excited Little Monkeys that squeal with joy every time they see a bit of tinsel.

  9. Work winding down? Oh lord, how I wish. I'm currently waking up feeling anxious with how much there is to do at work before the office closes (and we have to use up our own personal annual leave, grr). Also, 5:40am?! Okay, I finally understand why you're always asleep before midnight now :P

    I liked reading about your positivity, and hopefully this anxiety will go away soon and I can find things to smile about too :) *hugs*

    P.S. I do ADORE the sunny-until-past-8pm thing and plums, though!

  10. It's clearly a good month in which to be born :) Although in saying that, the rest of my family are clustered up in the first half of the year. I hope you have a great day when it rolls around!

  11. You sound well and truly in the swing of things :) I'm impressed with the evening Christmas cake baking - although I suspect with a toddler evening may be the best time in which to do such things. Enjoy the reminiscing and the CDs!

  12. Yes indeed :) I think if I was in a cool climate I'd be loving the snugness of winter.

  13. 5th :)

    You have an incredible month ahead. And yes, after the first is out the way, a great month! Enjoy!

  14. I'm glad you share my December enjoyment! And the fruit enjoyment too - my sentiments exactly ;)

  15. Thanks Lisa :) I hope your month isn't too crazy busy, although I agree that January is good for sorting out.

    Cherries sound great - ditto Christmas food prep - have fun with those this weekend!

  16. I think we are of similar minds with the weather :) Although I will say that early morning swims are one thing which Australian summers may be good for!

    Two excited Little Monkeys sound like lots of fun. The baking too!

  17. I think I'm pretty lucky with my work scenario - I gather most people are in your situation. I hope things speed by at just the right pace (not so fast you drown in busy-ness, not so slow you drown in anxiety) - it sounds like things are pretty hectic :/

    On that note, I also sincerely hope that you find things to smile about soon. If all else fails, eat some plums outside at 8pm? :)

  18. Joanna @ Zeb BakesDecember 2, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Being one of your Northern hemisphere readers I can only dream of lighter longer days right now, though when the sun does come out as it did this morning I love the low angled shadows it produces. December is what it is and today it has finally turned a little colder, down to 6 C and I have dug out my winter boots to go slip sliding through the decomposing leaf mould in the woods, It's 20 past 3 in the afternoon and it is looking dark already. So time for tea and a piece of cake and to make some lime marmalade. I know it is summer elsewhere and there are lots of wonderful imported mangoes in the shops which I have been enjoying too! Would love just once to spend Christmas on a hot beach though. Just onee!

  19. Happy birthday month! December to me means mangoes, no teaching/marking, a break in the dry weather we have for 10 months a year here, and fewer school kids on the bike path in the mornings :)

  20. You are definitely in a different universe when it comes to December experiences :) Part of me longs, very very much, to be in your one, but I will grant that longer days and non-imported mangoes are perks. I hope you get your hot Christmas one day too! I can pretty much guarantee it would happen if you visited Western Australia :P

  21. Fewer school (and university) kids is something I enjoy too :) A break in the dry weather is a funny concept in dry WA December, but I can certainly imagine it would be lovely in Qld.

    And thank you :)

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