Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on 2011

As my silence this week may have suggested, we have been out of Perth for the past few days. We spent 4 nights in the forests south of Perth, along with Mr Bite's family, in a region that is known for its intermittent mobile phone (and internet) coverage. Returning to connectivity is somewhat of a novelty's a little disconcerting to think how much it is part of my life when I'm at home.

South-west forests, Western Australia

This brief blogging break means that my focus is jumping from Christmas straight to New Year, a leap that I am quite happy to make. Although I'm not one for New Year's Eve parties (my temperament is aligned with going to bed quietly so I can wake up refreshed in the new year, rather than staying up until midnight and thus feeling tired before the next year has even begun), I do like the freshness that the dawn of January brings.

Margaret River, Western Australia

I spent some of our time down south reflecting on what 2011 has meant to me. The list that comes to mind is below - mostly, it is a good one, and I am grateful to be able to write it.


A wonderful trip to Tasmania

The first full year living with Mr Bite

A reasonably large shift in my approach to food and eating, and in my food preferences

A renewed and extended love for baking and cooking

My sister departing for Europe, and then returning

My brother moving out of home

My maternal grandmother passing away

My friends starting to have babies...and more babies

Some changes in my exercise routine, including the additions of cycling and Body Attack

The start of blogging

A new camera

35 books read, down from 60 in 2010 (see point two on this list as to why!)

There have been years in the past when I've looked back and thought "I'm glad that year is over", but this one - and indeed the last few - have been quite the opposite. It's a fortunate position to be in.

I am now looking forward to 2012, and have some goals and aspirations for the year that span work, travel, life, and fitness. However, they shall come in a later post. For now - Happy New Year!

Nannup cow, south-west Western Australia

How do you like to celebrate New Year's Eve? What does 2011 mean to you?


  1. Wow those forests are beautiful... that must have been nice to get away and unplug from the web for a while. I also find it a little sad how much the internet exists in my day. For a while, I did not have a computer and did fine using the colleges library for homework. I can't imagine doing that now!

    I hope you have/ had? a great New Years celebration. We are planning to drink lots of beer today. :)

  2. How wonderful to be able to look back on this year and feel blessed, happy, and excited about what you've done, how you've changed, and what you have to look forward to in the next. I'm so grateful to be feeling the same way. Plus, we found each other! ;) Happy first day of 2012, dear!

  3. SO glad 2011 is gone. It was transition. It was upset. It was unrest. I have high hopes for 2012, though! I'm not much of a new year's fan, either, so dinner with friends, and a nice solid sleep! Happy NY!

  4. Thanks Eleah - I hope the beer drinking went well for you!

    The forests are beautiful, and being under trees is a welcome relief when it's hot. I only wish there was a similar place a little closer to Perth (we have great parks but no real forests in the city).

  5. Thank you Hannah :) And yes, discovering you and your blog was a big plus this year; odd to think that a year ago I was ignorant as to both!

  6. Nice solid sleep always sounds good - and hopefully in your case, good preparation for a better year ahead. I hope 2012 is easier than 2011.

  7. wow what a year - no wonder the book reading is down - hope this year brings more interesting changes in your life - look forward to what you will bring to the blog - happy new year

  8. Thank you! There is a certain awe in standing at the dawn of a new year, with all the unknowns ahead. I hope they are good ones for both of us.

  9. 2011 was my first year as a real, permanently employed (though still only part time, grumble grumble) worker. I suppose I should feel like 2011 is the year I became a grown-up, but... I still don't really feel like that. It was also a year of high hopes that didn't always come to fruition, and thus a year of remembering to be happy with the wonderful parts of my life and dealing with the things that don't happen the way I've planned!

  10. I like your positive re-frame of the hopes not always coming to fruition! A good approach to life I think. I share you feelings of not quite being a grown-up, although 2011 was probably the first year I technically was too. I wonder if one ever feels 'grown'?

    I hope your 2012 does have some fulfilled hopes and dreams!

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