Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bookmarked recipes I've made - Part 1

I have so many bookmarked recipes, and bookmark new ones on such a regular basis, that I am starting to realise I will never get through them all. It's just not possible.

Every now and then I force myself to do a clear out, deleting recipes I've managed to make (this part is easy) and some of those that I realise, on reflection, I probably won't make (this part is harder). Fancy, fiddly, many step recipes often end of going in the latter category.

Even with this bookmark culling, things are still a little out of hand.

Today, though, my exploding Recipes folder is actually not our focus. I am happy to bring you five recipes that I bookmarked and actually have made.

I made these almost exactly as per the original recipes (I've indicated any changes I did make), and they were all so good that I think you should bookmark them too.

I take no responsibility for any exploding bookmark folders that may result.

I made these with that very exciting tin of canned pumpkin. I think the pumpkin went to a noble cause.

I used white pastry flour in the crust (instead of spelt) and in the filling (instead of wholemeal pastry flour), because I didn't have the listed flours to hand. I also didn't add the optional chocolate chips - but these were good enough without chocolate.

I made these when we had my parents and brother over for dinner, after my parents got back from their overseas trip.

Brownie base pre-icing

Brownies with icing

I followed the recipe exactly and am so very glad I did. These really are Pure Amazingness in raw brownie form.

I actually liked these best a day after making them, and when they were only a few minutes out of the freezer. If I'm honest, though, I would probably have eaten them completely frozen or at room temperature. I am now searching for the right opportunity to make Hannah's follow-up Raw Vegan Carob Maple Brownies to Make You Swoon, which is still in my bookmarks list.

I threw the tempeh and sauce / glaze into a vegetable stir fry, with great success:

The flavour combinations worked wonderfully, with the orange tones providing a nice contrast to the usual stir fry ingredient mix. This was actually the first time I'd tried tempeh, and it was a good introduction.

Tofu Nuggets from Peas and Thank You (the book)

This one was bookmarked in real life (book form) rather than on my computer, but I thought I'd throw it in here anyway. My nuggets were a lot messier than the ones in the book...

...but they still tasted pretty brilliant. The combination of hummus, nutritional yeast and breadcrumbs, amongst other things, works extremely well in providing the nugget coating.

I made these in part for a work morning tea, and in part just because.

They went down a treat with Mr Bite and are also incredibly easy to make, thus getting me over my misconceptions around rolled and cut-out biscuits being fiddly. I can see these becoming a regular in my baking rotation.

How is your bookmarks folder going? Have you tried any of the above?


  1. great round up - I love the sound of those tofu nuggest - hummus and nutritional yeast sounds very tasty - glad you liked the tempeh - try it fried in the glaze til it gets crispy - it is amazing!

    My bookmarks are overwhelming but I still find myself surprised at what I still want to make and what doesn't interest me any more once the moment passes

  2. That glazed tempeh is calling my name - I might give this one a try - thanks to Johanna above. I've never cooked with tempeh and this looks delicious!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! *bounda across the Nullabor to give you a great big squeezy hug* So glad you liked the brownies :) :)

    In answer to your question: Not only is my bookmarks folder out of control, but I have a 700-page word document in size 6 font of copy-pasted recipes. And I pretty much never make any of them! :S Bad Hannah...

  4. I have so many bookmarked recipes that I've lost track of most of them! Love how you've showed us what you made. Everything looks so good!

  5. I'm being pretty good with my bookmarks at the moment, really trying to make lots of new things. I've also starting trying to actually make things from my Gourmet Traveller subscription rather than just consider it food porn. But the thing is when you find something yummy you want to have it multiple times! I think there is a reason why the old faithful recipes are old faithfuls!!!

  6. I did not your recent crispy glazed tempeh :) I will definitely be trying it next time!

  7. It was certainly a good starting point for tempeh for me. I hope you enjoy it too if you do make it!

  8. Goodness. 700 pages? Gulp. (But then again, think how close you are to already producing a cookbook!) I like the idea of having them all in one document though, rather than strewn around the internet through separate bookmarked links.

    Also, thank YOU for providing the brownie recipe! There's something particularly nice about making things when you can think about the person who provided the idea - as in, you, rather than an anonymous Women's Weekly editor.

  9. Thanks Carolyn :) Maybe I need to lose track of a few of mine to keep up!

  10. I know, it is a challenge! I sometimes wish I had children simply so I had more people to eat what I make - but then of course, if I had children, I'd have even less time to make things, and it's usually time rather than mouths that are the challenge.

  11. What a great selection of recipes, those tofu nuggets sound really great. It's fantastic that you liked tempeh on your first go, I don't seem to enjoy it in larger chunks like this but I am starting to learn ways that I can appreciate it. My bookmarks are totally out of control after going so crazy with MoFo last month!

  12. Teehee! I don't know how well a cookbook of stolen recipes would go down... unless I truly was an anonymous Women's Weekly editor :P

  13. Those all look delicious! And I admit, I'm dreadful at actually making things I plan on making, so am totally in awe of you!

  14. I can't wait to make Hannah's brownies - that's the one on your list that's also on my bookmarked list! I love a good cooked brownie so I have a feeling that these raw ones will make me faint with desire....

  15. Oh, I can imagine! Mine got a boost from MoFo and I didn't even participate! I was pleasantly surprised by the tempeh actually, but my partner wasn't a fan. I also think I still prefer tofu.

  16. That may be a first :) Trust me, I have plenty of unfollowed through plans too!

  17. That was pretty much my reaction :D

  18. Alexis @ hummusapienNovember 11, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    I love this recipe roundup! I was actually eyeing those tofu nuggets from the book and I just stocked up on nooch so maybe I'll make those today!

  19. Thanks Alexis - and I would heartily recommend the nuggets :) My effort was particularly messy, but even with that, they still tasted delicious.

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