Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 things I'm enjoying this week

I'm hoping they don't mind me borrowing their concepts :)

My top 5 things for this week are...

1. Summer fruit

This is the aspect of summer that I love. Peaches and nectarines now seem to be readily available, and I am enjoying them hugely. I also have a mango in the fridge, complementing the strawberries that have been around for a little while.

2. New running shoes

Up until 3 (ish) years ago, I didn't get my running shoes properly fitted. I had a vague sense that New Balance cross-trainers were good for over-pronaters (people whose feet roll in), and I stuck with them, choosing mostly by colour within that range.

I am rather embarrased about this now.

Eventually, when I was due for new orthotics and thought I would consult shoe people before getting them made, I tried getting my shoes properly fitted.

I haven't worn orthotics since, and I don't think it is a coincidence that the 3 years after this change have been the 3 years when I discovered I could, after all, run more than 10 minutes or so without my knees screaming at me.

I had Mizuno Wave Renegade shoes for each of those 3 years, and loved them. I also found (surprise!) that my body told me when I needed new shoes. After about 12 months, my knees, legs, and hips started hurting more, and I was reminded of just how much running shoes matter - and to replace them.

Despite my success with Mizuno, I thought I would check if there were any alternatives to try this year. I ended up going with these Brooks Ariel runners, which have a bounciness to them that makes me very happy.

Almost happy enough to forget about the cost.

3. Planning 2012 holiday/s

Despite the fact that we may not end up going on any of the possible trips we have tentatively thought of, and that one of them would be 10 months away if we did go, and that any plans I make now will no doubt change...I am loving having possible trips to think about, research, plan, and imagine.

I think I would almost be happy just with the planning (although I will admit that the actual travel is pretty fun too), which makes me wonder if I should have been a travel agent. I kind of hope not, though, because I would hate to waste the 8 years of study I am still paying off.

4. Having my sister back.

Naturally :)

5. Under 6 weeks until Christmas!

This also means 5.5 weeks until I have 10 days off work, and 5.5 weeks until I need to have done all my Christmas shopping and card writing.

This may be a mix of enjoyment and slight alarm, but on balance, enjoyment is winning :)

What are you liking this week?

(And thanks to those who have already told me!)


  1. love nectarines but am disturbed by so much christmas about - yet I have made a few christmas purchases this week and started thinking about our advent calendar

  2. Running shoes are so expensive but it's worth it to get the kind that fit your feet and your form! I use minimalist running shoes, they still have some padding but not much and they're really light and flexable. And they're $100 (US.) Crazy.

  3. i cannot believe there are only 6 weeks until christmas! thats nuts. i feel like it was just august. i am really thankful for some green tea i am drinking right now

  4. Travel planning and summer fruit - an excellent combination!

  5. That means my birthdays in 6 weeks too yay!!! :)

  6. Love your list. I'm going to put up my Christmas tree next week, I adore Christmas. And I'm so happy my blog inspired you!

  7. I love travel planning which led me to working as a travel agent several years ago. I only lasted a couple of years as I found that it wasn't that much fun organising other people's holidays and I didn't enjoy the high level of customer service that is required. Clients could be extremely difficult and were always shopping around for the best deals. There are definitely some perks involved but for the low rate of pay and demanding nature of the job, I found that it wasn't worth it in the end. I guess what I am trying to say is that you need to be very customer oriented so if you're not a people person (like me) it's not a wise career choice.

    I'll also add that I am so happy to be gorging on mangoes at the moment!

  8. I love planning vacation that may never happen. But as long as I have an eventual goal it doesn't matter when it gets done. How bout excitement for Thanksgiving which is even sooner than Xmas! :D

  9. Holy smokes. I've tried running a bit lately and my hip and knees hurt immediately. My shoes...are possible 9 years old, weren't fitted, and are completely worn away at the inside of the heel. Um, maybe that's part of the problem....

    DO THE 10 MONTH TRIP!!!! *hyperventilates with travel excitement*

    What am I loving? That in 24 hours I'll be in the plane home from this 4 day conference and might, oh god might, get some sleep.

  10. I have been disturbed by the shops thinking it's Christmas for about 3 least I'm finally getting to the stage where I can (nearly) agree with them. Congratulations on the Christmas purchases, you are ahead of me!

  11. Ooh, interesting that you have those ones! I've heard lots and lots of good things about them. I worry that my inward-rolling feet wouldn't cope, but I know they're meant to strengthen things even for people without a naturally 'perfect' gait.

  12. Green tea is always good :) And I too feel like it was just August!

  13. Exactly :) Can't get much better!

  14. Thanks Lisa - they do make for a fun-filled duo!

  15. That is exciting! Is your birthday on Christmas?? Or just near it? :)

  16. Thanks Lisa :) And you clearly are well and truly ready for the Christmas season!

  17. OK, you have definitely convinced me that being a travel agent is not for me. Thank you - and it was interesting to hear how you found the experience. I'm a people person in small doses and suspect I would not cope well with my whole job being in customer service!

  18. Exactly! (Re. the travel planning.)

    We don't have Thanksgiving here, otherwise I'm sure I would be gearing up for it - but I do like hearing about the American celebrations.

  19. Oh darling Hannah, I think you shared your own travel dreams with me - the trip would be 10 months away but not (sadly!) for 10 months duration :) Maybe 1 month duration though, which would still lead me to near hyperventilation. And the 10 months of planning should keep me happy in the interim.

    I hope you do get some sleep, very very soon :/And yes, try new running shoes!! The cost is scary but I do think it's worth it.

  20. Yay! Loving all of those things, but especially travel plans. If I had a dollar for every travel plan I ever had I would have $1773900...which is rather a lot. Alas, I haven't travelled that much. Happy planning Kari :-)

  21. Wouldn't it be lovely if plans could generate funds for the things being planned? Oh how rich I would be!

  22. Oh!!!!! *laughs and laughs* Yes, that's my wishful thinking. That said, I still think you should make it 10 months duration :P


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