Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Queen, CHOGM and a long weekend, with random photos

The Queen and Prince Phillip arrived in Perth yesterday ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) this weekend (a meeting of leaders from the 54 Commonwealth countries, held every two years). The news has been full of their tours around Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne, and I suspect things will remain focused on Royal and Commonwealth matters over the next few days.

I don't usually consider myself a Royal family follower, but this year has been somewhat of an exception. I found myself enjoying Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding, and now that the Queen is in Australia (and now in Perth!) I find myself captivated by that too. It's an odd but impressive experience to think of someone so well known so near by, although perhaps this is heightened by the fact that virtually no one important visits Western Australia :P

Random photo number 1
The first banana I ate after being able to afford them again (although $7/kg would not have been called affordable pre-cyclones and $16/kg ridiculousness...)

Of course, if one wants to see the Queen, one has to go to some effort, even if she is residing in the same city. As Mr Bite helpfully pointed out, she is not going to come to me and it's unlikely that I will bump into her at the local shops. I'm not sure if we'll make it to any of the viewings or events organised to allow people to catch a glimpse (I'm not sure if I care that much!) but we will see how things go.

Random photo number 2
The banana again. But with my arm. Except I am taking the photo, from the other side of the plate. How is my arm over there? I have no idea.

The other exciting aspect of CHOGM and the Queen's visit is that Perth gets a public holiday tomorrow.

This holiday was moved from what would have been the Western Australian Queen's Birthday public holiday, on Monday 3rd October. With the Queen actually being in Perth this week, and the CHOGM events resulting in road and area closures from tomorrow through to Sunday, a decision was made to move the holiday to tomorrow instead.

Random photo number 3
Overnight oats, with bonus mini-weets, before fruit got added. I don't know why I took this photo. I don't know why I didn't take the final photo either (fruit is always added to my cereal bowls!).

This shift of the public holiday worked out very well for me. You see, my workplace has a slightly funny approach to public holidays: We don't get a lot of them.

The Australia wide events of significance (Anzac Day, Australia Day, the Easter holidays) are honoured, but the rest are 'saved up' and given to us between Christmas and New Year. This means that I work public holidays days when most people are at home, but then get about 10 days off at Christmas. Most of the time, I like this system quite a lot.

Random photo number 4
Natural pot set yoghurt, with strawberries and nutmeg, and a dollop of some form of nut butter, the precise variety now forgotten.

Although I wouldn't have had the Queen's Birthday holiday off at the start of the month, my workplace is giving us tomorrow off - in part because the aforementioned road closures may have interfered with staff getting to work and in part, I think, just to be nice. This makes me very happy.

The big question, then, is what will I do with my 3 day weekend?

The current shortlist is looking like this...
  • Make use of the free public transport arrangements in place tomorrow and Saturday to take a long-distance train trip
  • Some gardening
  • A new camera purchase :D :D :D
  • Some baking / food processing / cooking (including, I think, an attempt at homemade chilli chocolate coconut butter)
  • Installing Ikea shelves in our kitchen :D
  • Reading
  • A bonus run tomorrow morning as the gym is shut

The standard supermarket shopping / cleaning / washing will scrape in too, but I am feeling pretty positive about the next few days.

Actually, I am so over-excited that I am liable to do myself some damage. Particularly at the new camera, Ikea shelves, and chilli chocolate coconut butter possibilities.

Reminder to self: slow breathing is your friend.

Random picture number 5
Lettuce from the garden. The epitome of randomness. Perhaps I photographed it because I was proud to have grown it? Or perhaps I just photographed it because my camera was there.

What do you have planned for your weekend, even if it isn't starting until Saturday?


  1. how much are bananas!!??

  2. haha LOVe the lettuce photo!!

    ooooh and a new camera??? HAPPINESS!!

  3. Okay, the banana photo with your arm in it, even though you are taking the picture, is so funny. I truly did LOL there.

  4. I know what you mean about being overwhelmed by a long weekend. I always have a massive list, but in reality just catch up on sleep.

    Love the lettuce photo, I'm insanely proud of my lettuce. Anything you grow yourself feels like such an achievement.

  5. I know!! It's been a very sad year for bananas. There were a wave of summer cyclones at the start of 2011 that wiped out most of Australia's crops :( They went from about $4/kg to 4x that!

  6. I think that's it - I only wish I could get some of the more useful things to grow (I have a terrible track record with capsicum)

  7. I love acts of randomness - I love the lettuce from your garden!

  8. here's to free public transport, cheaper bananas, 3 day weekends... oh and probably the queen :-)

  9. Can't wait to hear your camera purchase stories!!! My parents have just told me that we might as well wait until Christmas and make my camera my birthday and Christmas present, rather than my birthday + me contributing financially present. Because I'm lame and don't make decisions like this even when it only creates positive consequences in my life :P

    Ooooooh crazy arm! :P

    Also, the Queen was in Canberra for days and days and I honestly couldn't bring myself to care... but I did cheer for my friends who got to meet her :P

  10. I admit, I in no way understand the extent to which you're subject to the Queen. It's one of those things we aren't taught at all in school and I never remember to research it!

  11. Indeed! And definitely the first three of those things first :P

  12. I'm now excited for your camera too :) I actually had a moment of confusion because I thought your birthday was months ago, but then I went and checked and it was, so I am very happy for your sake that your camera arrival date may be on the horizon :P

    I'm not sure if my caring about the Queen is going to extend to going to see's looking like not. I'll live vicariously through others too!

  13. Well it must be said it's an odd system! She is technically Australia's head of state, but has no governing power. Australia comes under the Commonwealth which is headed by Great Britain though.

  14. *laughs* Yes, well remembered! Not only was my birthday the 26th of May and I still haven't got my birthday present, but it's actually tonight, the 29th of October, that we're going out for my birthday dinner. I don't think I'll ever let my parents forget about this ;)

  15. Goodness, no! You should get TWO celebrations next year to make up for it!


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