Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photography fun and public transport excursions

I couldn't have asked for much more of our Friday public holiday, otherwise to be known as a Bonus Day of Exciting Outings and Fun.

For a start, I am now the very happy owner of a new Sony Nex-C3 interchangeable lens camera. I haven't been so thrilled with a purchase since I bought my KitchenAid food processor back in April.

I also haven't spent so much money in one hit since I bought my KitchenAid food processor. 2011 seems to be the year of expensive purchases.

This camera is more substantial than my old Sony point-and-shoot, and it's main benefits will (I think) be in low-light and close-up shooting. My old camera was fine in good light conditions, if I kept my hand steady and didn't try to get too close to my target, but that only happened in about 1 in 10 photos. And in fairness, it was 7 (ish) years old.

The lens shown above left is the 18-55mm zoom lens. I also have a 16mm wide-angle lens that I haven't even tried, and it probably goes without saying that I have a long way to go before I know how to use all the features. 

Despite that, I already like this camera very much.

I spent quite a bit of time playing with it yesterday...

New camera

Old camera

New camera - different picture effects


Pop colour ("creates a vivid look by emphasizing colour tones"):

Retro ("creates the look of an aged photo with sepia colour tones and faded contrast"):

Partial colour - red ("creates an image which retains the specified colour, but converts others to black and white"):

High key ("creates an image with the indicated atmosphere - bright, transparent, ethereal, tender, soft"):

Toy ("creates the look of a toy camera with shaded corners and pronounced colours"):
[Note to self - shaded corners don't work so well on a black background!]

Posterization ("creates a high contrast, abstract look by heavily emphasising primary colours")

...and, clearly, had rather a lot of fun.

I need to learn the 'real' features too, but I'm sure I'll get there. I'm already looking forward to the experimenting!

(As an aside, I may do a post at some stage on how I settled on this model, because I noticed a number of you expressed uncertainty over how to choose cameras / other large-scale technology-related objects in your comments on this post. I have a whole spreadsheet on camera research, so may look to modify it for general consumption :P)

In addition to camera testing, yesterday involved a large-scale public transport outing to make full use of the free train / bus opportunities that are in place this weekend. We went as far south as one can go by train from Perth (about an hour), a route neither of us had done before, and entertained ourselves for several hours at the other end.

This trip allowed me to discover, and be rendered near speechless by, PantryMan, a bulk-food store that has a selection of flours, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, confectionery, baking ingredients, spices, and legumes unrivaled in Perth itself. I bough sugar free peppermint carob buds, carob cherry bites, and wholemeal spelt flour, thus contributing to a rather full bag for the rest of our outing.

Old camera because my new one doesn't yet have a case :)

We also had a Subway picnic on the local foreshore area, in delightful weather, and were impressed that we could have a highly enjoyable 6-hour round trip for the cost of a Subway sandwich and either bulk food purchases (me, $4.90) or a Coke (Mr Bite, $3-ish).

It's a pity every Friday can't be like this.

Do you ever use public transport for 'fun' outings? We rarely do but I'm now thinking we should consider it more often.


  1. now I want a new camera - I keep thinking I need something better than mine but just get overwhelmed at researching what I want - would love to see your spreadsheet - am excited at seeing your pictures with different cameras. Instead I bought foodie books and gifts this weekend - a much easier way to spend money

  2. Nice looking camera Kari. I think you are going to have a whole bundle of fun with that!
    Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Friday too. Just to kick start the weekend.

  3. Ohhhh! Congraulations! And I want! That's absolutely not one of the ones I was looking at... now I'm even more confused. Kari, you were supposed to make this EASIER for me! :P

  4. Definitely much easier :) I have no problem with those sorts of purchases either.

    I'll definitely share my spreadsheet - it's nice to know it might be handy to others.

  5. Indeed :) And yes, on the fun front! A lot I think.

  6. Oops! Sorry! I will post sometime this week about how I arrived at this one, if that's any use?! But I think there are many, many great options out there. This just happened to be the one that called to me the strongest :)

  7. *laughs* Yes, Kari, why won't you hop to it and make up my mind for me? ;)


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