Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hillside wanderings, with ants

With the weather warming up, Mr Bite and I are on a race against nature to squeeze in walks and outdoor activities before it becomes too hot.

Those of you who don't live in Australia (and, admittedly, some of you who do!) may not grasp this reluctance to engage in outdoor activities in summer. Suffice to say I am not fond of temperatures above 30'C, and temperatures above 35'C make me feel Icky with a capital I.

I know, I live in the wrong country.

Recently, we combined two brief walks on one weekend afternoon, in the hills East of Perth.

There were (modest) waterfalls...

...and shaded water pools...

...and the afternoon was rather enjoyable.

There was one problem though. It seems that the weather is already warm enough for ants.

Imagine this path:

And now imagine it crawling with ants, big ones, for many, many metres.

Imagine that you run through these ants, in an escape to get past them, but discover that their territory doesn't seem to end.

Imagine that you climb up on a large rock, with your partner / accompanying foolish walker, and discover that ants are on your socks, crawling in your shoes, and perhaps even crawling up your legs. The ants that accompanied you on to the rock do not leave quietly.

Also imagine that you have to return up the ant-covered path in order to return to your car.

You may find that you can run quite fast when confronted with a situation like that.

Fortunately, if you're lucky, you'll find somewhere to cool off later, and soothe your ant-bitten feet.

Summer is coming too soon for my liking, that is for sure!

Are you a summer or winter (or spring or autumn) sort of person? 
Do you have ant stories or any other insect-related nature experiences?


  1. Oh no, ants are the worst! But I'll gladly change places with you :) Come to winter in Ohio, and you'll never complain about summer again ;)

  2. Hehe, I suspect you are right. Although in truth, I'd probably just complain about the cold and the hot! We are spoilt with mild winters here, that is for sure.

  3. That is so true - all of the autumn focused American posts have been very enjoyable. I do also wonder how I would cope in a very cold climate (no doubt I'd complain at either extreme!), so your Edinburgh time is perhaps useful in putting heat in perspective.

    The views were probably worth the ant bites, in truth :)

  4. Oh my goodness. I need to remind myself of that as the weather warms up! At least I don't live there :P

  5. I don't actually know what our ant varieties are called! Sugar ants sound almost cute, but of course that's an impossible scenario. I hope your boyfriend has since moved!

  6. I would totally sympathize over the temperatures but you've shared them in Celsius so I have absolutely no idea just how hot or cold that is.

    (Yes, I am completely serious, we really don't learn that at all.)

    (Feel free to make your ignorant American jokes... now.)

  7. Of the two extremes, definitely summer, although anything above 35 does get a bit much, I'll admit! But I hate how my feet go blue in winter!

    P.S. Thank you more than words can say for your email. This week has been too hectic for a considered reply, and I was in Sydney for work today, will be out all tomorrow... there'll be a reply soon! xo

  8. One of the lovely things about blogging is in the middle of summer to read about lovely autumnal and winter food elsewhere!

    I am with you on hot weather - not for me! Though a few summers in Edinburgh made me really appreciate a good hot day. Just a handful are all we need. We don't get out enough to encounter such ants but I wish I could see the views - they look lovely (though sorry to hear about your ant bites)

  9. Blegh, ants that bite are the worst! Where I live, we don't have red ants or scorpions or anything annoying that hurts you... just mosquitos and sugar ants, spiders, etc. The house my boyfriend used to sublet it had a serious problem with sugar ants... they lived in the walls and along the base/ underneath the house and would come out of every nook possible.

  10. I am with you - if it never got above 30 degrees I would be happy. I don't like ants either! We lived in a very rural place for two years and the ants were massive and the temp was 42 degrees by 8am. Thankfully, we're back to a better climate!

  11. Crikey, that sounds like a lot of ants!
    I love Autumn and Winter. If summer only got as hot as 28C I'd be happy, anything above just leaves sweaty puddles. (I know I live in the wrong country as well- where's my knee deep snow!)
    Enjoy all those walks while you can Kari.

  12. Thank you :) And yes, 28'C is my optimum temperature too!

  13. Oh you are most welcome! Enjoy Sydney (although 1 day for work is perhaps more hassle than fun...).

    Blue feet are not good at all, so I think in your case I can certainly understand summer preferences! You need to use that snuggie more :P

  14. I love that you sympathized without knowing the numbers. I think that's enough to make me overlook the whole American temperature thing :P We don't actually learn your way (or not much) either, but I think 30'C is about 90'F and 35'C is about 100'F?


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