Monday, September 5, 2011

On the oddities of going 'home'

For the next 3 weeks, Mr Bite and I are house sitting for my parents. With my younger brother recently moved out, and my younger sister travelling Europe, they were suddenly left with no in-house options (so to speak) and 2 cats to be looked after. My brother was prepared to move back, but as he has only been gone for a few weeks, we volunteered in his place.

Our wards for the next 3 weeks...the top one seems to be camera shy.

This house isn't the one I spent my childhood in (we moved to it when I was 18), but it is where I lived before I moved into my own place. Returning after nearly 3 years is thus quite odd! Having a large house and 2 pets is also a novelty.

I will confess to slightly missing our own place, despite the obvious familiarity of my parents' house, but I am sure that will pass. And there are some advantages, which I am sure we'll come to appreciate over the next few weeks.

Instead of a moderately sized kitchen with quite limited bench and storage space, I have a large island bench and plenty of room to make a mess wonderful meals...

...instead of a courtyard with a happy but small vegetable corner, I have temporary ownership of my Mum's much larger veggie patch...

...instead of one meals table and no outdoor sitting options, we have a deck on which we may BBQ, if we prove capable (not at all guaranteed!), or eat, if the weather appeals...

...and of course, we have 2 cats to play with.

I also get new backgrounds to my food photos, and more well-lit places in which to take them!

Have you ever moved back to your childhood or family home? Or had any fun house sitting adventures?


  1. Sounds like you are going to have loads of fun!

  2. I live about 5 minutes away from my parents house where I grew up - a very random story how that happened - so I pop by often. We have dinner once a week, I water plants if they are away etc. But it is amazing how quickly it became their house, not my home. I mean it still is, but it isn't as well. It is a very strange transition. I can't imagine how weird it will be when they eventually move and live somewhere that I have not.

  3. Oooo, bench space, bigger garden and photography light! Can I house sit?

  4. Oh, those kitties are gorgeous! I'm sure they're very happy to be able to be babysat in their own home rather than having to go on a kitty holiday :-) Your mum's veggie garden looks to die for, too!

    I still stay the night at my parents' occasionally (sometimes with the boy in tow - e.g. at Christmas!) and it feels so comforting. But yes, kind of different at the same time!

    Hope you have a lovely Tuesday :-)

  5. So glad I found your blog tonight, I love it already! You have a beautiful home.. I'm loving the little garden :D Can't wait to read more!

  6. @Lisa
    That sounds like a fantastic arrangement. It's nice that you can pop in and out...but still have your own place and space.

  7. @cityhippyfarmgirl
    I do rather wish I could take those features back with me. The important things in life!

  8. @Brooke
    Thank you Brooke :) I think the cats are quite pleased! And there is something comforting about parental homes...perhaps in part because they are linked with events like Christmas and all the celebrations of years gone by.

  9. @spinachandspice
    Thank you so much - I'm delighted you found me too :)

  10. impressive vegetable patch - I have stayed with both my parents and in-laws but it is different when they are there with you ruling the roost - I did some house sitting at a posh house of a friend of a friend many years ago and enjoyed having a different space all to ourselves!

  11. Oh, I have house-sitting stories that could make you envious, and house-sitting stories that would make your toes curl! (For serious. WORST EVER.)

    Funnily enough, I was house-sitting for my parents last week, as I've done already 5-6 times this past year, and as of Saturday I'll be house-sitting for my grandparents, in the house my family initially lived in for about a year when I was ten! It'll be VERY strange sleeping there again!

  12. My dad sold the townhouse he had lived in for 20 years last year, and even though I'd never lived in it full time, whenever I go home to Montreal, I miss it... it's funny what makes a house a home---because while I miss it, I also find his new house feels *just right*.

    I would also do some serious damage in that kitchen---good cooking space is SO motivating! Looking forward to photos!

  13. I'm currently pet sitting by staying in someone else's home! And it's the parents of my childhood best friend, so every time I stay it's a weird flashback to childhood sleepovers and the like!

  14. oooh how awesome is that kitchen and veggie garden!!!

  15. @Johanna GGG
    I need to find some posh friends - that sounds like fun!

  16. @Hannah
    That does sound strange - but also quite fun in a turning back time sort of way. And hopefully you can dodge the icky house sitting experiencese in future!

  17. @Stephanie @
    Yes, it should motivate me to take advantage of the space :) Interesting on your thoughts about what makes a house a home - it is a difficult thing to define. It's nice your Dad's new place seems right though.

  18. @Megan (Best of Fates)
    How fun! I always love it when I bump into parents of childhood friends - they have such a distinctive place in my memory - and going back to their houses would be quite a novelty.

  19. @Lisa (bakebikeblog)
    My Mum may find that I don't want to give them back :P


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