Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 vegetables I am currently obsessed with

Before discussing vegetables, I wanted to say thank you - very much - for your comments on my last post. I am really very grateful. I'm putting my neighbour into the 'ignore' basket and will endeavour to keep him there long-term!

This doesn't seem like a post that's well-suited to saying thank you. I was wishing I had some chocolate to review, or a new muffin recipe to share. But, alas, my mind is on vegetables.

I haven't traditionally gotten excited about vegetables. I would miss them if I didn't have enough (if travelling, for example), but whilst I can easily exceed the daily recommendations for servings of fruit, I have generally only just scraped in to the vegetable guidelines.

One advantage of switching away from animal products and by-products is that this has changed. There are still days when my intake only barely touches what is recommended, but I am more aware of the different vegetables on offer, and the many, many ways of preparing them. They've moved from a side dish to a focal point.

Now, somewhat oddly, I find myself in the unusual position of craving a certain three.

Edamame beans

I only discovered fresh edamame recently, when a friend served them for dinner at her house. For some reason I have always been too scared to order them in Japanese restaurants (I don't know why), and so the incredible fun of eating soy beans out of their pods has passed me by.

Trust me, it is fun.

They are also rather delicious.

I found the 450g pack pictured above at my nearest Asian supermarket, for the grand sum of $2.50. All the preparation the beans require is defrosting, and perhaps a rinse in boiling water. 

100g will provide 12g of protein, 90% of the daily recommended intake for folate, and 19% of the daily recommended intake for iron. Quite impressive, I think.

Steamed carrots

These aren't a new discovery, but instead an old and much loved favourite. I am liable to make happy murmurs whilst eating them at dinner. I really should just steam a full bag of carrots every weekend, because I could certainly eat 1kg across a week.

The steaming process makes them sweet and delightfully soft, and the final product is like a dessert in vegetable form. Mmmmm. 


This is another fairly recent discovery, and one which I stumbled across through baking. After making apple and zucchini muffins and an apple and zucchini slice, I started experimenting with the vegetable in savoury form too.

Having access to a grill served to seal the deal.

Sprinkled with a spice mix that included pepper, chilli, and cloves


I'm now adding zucchini to all sorts of dishes, and am dreaming of the day that I can grill it again too.

I never thought I'd see the day when I dreamed of zucchini, but there you go. I'm sure it's a good thing!

Do you have favourite vegetables? Have your tastes towards them changed over time?

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  1. oooh you picked 3 of my favourite veggies! I love sweet potato and brocc too!

    ps - let me know how Disqus goes? Was there a reason you wanted to change? I wish blogger offered a reply to comment function!

  2. I eat veggies cause they are good for me, although, I've gotta say, I totally wish I liked them more, cause I love cooking with them. My tastes have totally changed, I'm much healthier these days, I can't believe I didn't dig mushrooms as a kid. Sorry I haven't been on your blog much, I've got so many of your posts to catch up on. :)

  3. Carrots are one of my favourite vegetables too! I go through a 1kg bag nearly every week as I adore them roasted and always find that they blend in well with other vegetables in stir-fry's, stews, soups, etc. I'm not so crazy about zucchini as I grew some a few years ago and ate way too many. It's really hard to pick favourites as I love so many others like asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, mushrooms...

  4. At the moment, it's broccoli and cauliflower for me! I chop up a huge huge amount, microwave about a third, and then toss that with the raw florets and some condiments of choice like mustard and nooch. Also, roasted is delicious! I go through phases with carrots, and am in an off phase right now :P

    P.S. Thank you so, so much for your email. I'll definitely reply at some point; things are just busy again as my brother has arrive for a week's visit, and my uncle arrives tomorrow! :)

  5. Love the humble zucchini. A little olive oil, salt and black pepper and I could probably eat a kilo in one sitting... Now if only the rest of the family felt the same way.

  6. edamame is one of my favorite veggies to throw in a salad. I also love them warm and salted.

  7. Sweet potato would have been my fourth :)

    I actually decided to try Disqus because of bloggers lack of comment reply options...I don't know that my replies are emailed to people, but they do at least appear under the original comment! Much neater.

  8. There are so many vegetables I like now and hated as a child. It's odd the way tastes change!

    And no problem - great to hear from you now :)

  9. Carrots are a very versatile being :) It sounds like you've got the diversity box ticked too! I need to branch out a bit more I think - asparagus and sprouts rarely cross my table.

  10. Ooh, I like your preparation methods. I really should roast more often. I'm too lazy most of the time (not the preparation, but the waiting until they're done!).

    Enjoy your time with your brother - that's fantastically exciting!

  11. Yes, I'm yet to bring Mr Bite along to the vegetable party...he likes carrots though, so that's something we share :)

  12. I haven't tried them in a salad yet! Thanks for the suggestion, great idea.

  13. I love edamame! I've only ever tried it out and about, so will have to hunt out the frozen ones so I can gobble them at home :-)

    I also love carrots, broccoli, beetroot, snow peas, tomato, avo... the list goes on!

    Have a great weekend Kari :-) xx

  14. I love zucchini! It is so versatile, I put it in everything. It is excellent in curries and stews because it really takes on the flavour. I grate it up and add it to meatballs. Thinly sliced lengthwise, tossed with some oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and orgango in a pizza with fetta cheese. In the good old zucchini bake. Cut in half, crumbed and fried (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside). There is just so much you can do with a humble zouk!

  15. never heard of disqus but it looks good

    And I have never heard of endamame - if I could find a packet I would be interested - will have to check out an Asian grocer when I get the chance.

    Broccoli would have to rate as one of my favourite vegetables - if I don't have enough green veg in a meal I often just microwave some and serve it on the side. Of course as a child I hated it. I still also love pumpkin and now that it is spring am excited about asparagus (but come winter I love brussels sprouts and hated them with a passion when young)

  16. I tried logging in with my google account but it didn't link to my blogger account as I expected it would - will try again

  17. Ok now I have figured out that I needed to logout to add my comment under another user name - sorry about all the comments

  18. I think this disqus thing is providing some confusion :P

    I'd forgotten snow peas, so thanks for reminding me! And I hope you can find some edamame near you - they're so easy to have at home.

  19. Lol no problem - sorry if this is proving challenging? I think it will be trial and error for a bit.

    Your changed tastes in vegetables must provide some reassurance that Sylvia will grow into other foods too :) And I think you'd really like the edamame, from the sorts of meals and dishes you post about. The fun of eating them out of their pods might even appeal to Sylvia!

  20. Ooh, zucchini is delicious. Though I admit, I prefer my carrots raw!

  21. zucchini and edamame are two of my faves too!! I put zucchini in everything. And rainbow chard too but only because I've so much of it in the garden!

  22. I seemed to miss this comment earlier! I like your zucchini suggestions, it really is a versatile vegetable. I think I still have scope for further experimentation!

  23. Gardens (and what one chooses to plant) can definitely have a significant impact on food choices :) I always seem to have a ridiculous amount of lettuce, but never seem to learn my lesson and plant less. Next time I'm doing zucchini, I think!


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