Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tutti Frutti frozen yoghurt

I have been a little unfair to my home city this year. You see, soft serve frozen yoghurt is one of my favourite foods. Although Perth has a few icecream / smoothie bars that carry it, they are rare, and the flavour choices are pretty unimaginative.

This year, two soft serve frozen yoghurt stores opened in my vicinity. I was overwhelmed with excitement. And I haven't blogged about it.

Perth, I am sorry.

My favourite of the two is Tutti Frutti, an American company that has started expanding to non-US markets. Currently, Perth has the only Tutti Frutti store in Australia (a Melbourne store is planned), which is pretty amazing.

Located in Leederville, an inner city suburb with a stretch of cafes and restaurants, the store is small and doesn't offer much seating. It does, however, offer a fantastic array of flavours, which also change over time.

On my most recent visit, camera in hand, I selected plain / natural (which is actually my favourite, unimaginative as it is), coconut (which looks identical to the plain when photographed), chocolate peanut butter, and just a dob of green tea.

I was a bit skeptical of the green tea - thus the small amount - but was pleasantly surprised. One of the reasons I like the natural flavour is that it isn't too sweet, and the green tea was similar in that regard.

It was also my first time trying coconut, and I chose it somewhat on a whim, not usually being a big fan of coconut products. However, it was wonderful. Although it did taste coconut-y, the flavours were subtle, and it was reminiscent of vanilla.

On previous, unphotographed occasions, I have tried...
- Strawberry (ok),
- Mango (great),
- Plain chocolate (ok)
- Vanilla (average)

...and more of the chocolate peanut butter and natural. I don't usually get toppings, as when paying by weight I don't really find them to be worth the cost. However, for those that are topping inclined, there's a big range to choose from (from fruit to nuts to chocolate to cookies).

There are several more flavours on the Tutti Frutti website that I hope to discover one day: banana, mint chocolate, vanilla bean, pumpkin pie (!), lemon, and pistachio, among others.

In the mean time, though, I'm pretty delighted with the flavour selection I have. And I'm more than happy to make a dairy exception to eat them :P

Now that I've apologised to Perth, I am off to Sydney tomorrow for two-and-a-half days of conference and one afternoon of how-much-can-I-see-of-Sydney-in-4-hours.

I'm rather excited, especially as my conference presentation is now done. I'm even looking forward to the flight (most unlike me), with 4+ hours of no phone calls to answer, no emails to respond to, and no tradesmen to rush home for.

On the topic of tradesmen, I'm very excited to report that we have hot water again :D It took a lot more time and effort than I was expecting to get the new system installed (it turns out our old system didn't comply with regulations...cue various problems and challenges when re-installing the new one), but one week after it broke, and 5 hours after the servicemen arrived yesterday morning, heat was back.

I celebrated with a bath :) And a long shower this morning.

Are you a frozen yoghurt or softserve fan? Do you go for toppings or no toppings?


  1. I *love* frozen yogurt---as long as it's actually tart and not cloyingly sweet, so you really taste the yogurt... and matcha yogurt? I'm dying! And packing for Perth RIGHT NOW!

  2. I am more a hot water gal than a frozen yoghurt one - even with all the lovely sun we have got this week - enjoy sydney - so glad the hot water is back on

  3. Oh, you are a TRICKSY woman indeed. Starting off this post with talk of frozen yoghurt that fills me with glowing green envy and makes me frown at my computer screen like a toddler throwing a tantrum... but then you tell me wonderful things like a fixed hot water system and travels and all I can truly feel is happy for you :)

  4. You made me smile with the tutti frutti - its been a while since i've read or heard the word.

  5. Oh boy how I love fro yo! I indulged somewhat when we were in the States - but not NEARLY as much as I wanted to!

  6. @Stephanie @ extremebalance.net/blog
    Please do! I promise to take you for as much tart frozen yoghurt as you can eat :) The natural flavour is precisely that.

  7. @Johanna GGG
    Thank you Johanna...I am very glad about the hot water too. Even if I am leaving it for another city!

  8. @Hannah
    I confess to smiling at the first part of your comment - although I'm sorry to have induced tantrum prompting envy. I have a tendency to stamp one foot when particularly annoyed, which takes me back to toddler behaviour too :P

    I then smiled even more when the envy was cancelled out with well wishes...thank you :)

  9. @Shaheen
    It is such a funny word (2 words)! Very reminiscent of the 80s, at least for me.

  10. @Lisa (bakebikeblog)
    It's a pity you couldn't pack it in your suitcase to bring back, to complement your other delicious choices!

  11. Yay for hot water! But why is it anything with tradesmen is always a drama. I got my gate fixed last week, somehow it seemed an enormous issue.

    I must admit to loving anything soft serve. Getting a soft serve icecream from Wendy's was always a treat when I was a kid. Soft serve frozen yoghurt sounds amazing, but we aren't yet blessed with any such stores in poor little Canberra.

  12. @Lisa
    Re. tradesmen - I know! Why?! One of life's great mysteries I think. Glad your gate got fixed though :) And I, too, have fond memories of Wendy's softserve.

  13. Soft serve frozen yogurt eh? I think I've been missing out! I wonder if we have any places that would sell, even one flavour here...? Hmm, will have to investigate I think.

  14. I love frozen yoghurt - the green tea one sounds intriguing :) Enjoy~

  15. Where is the other freozen yoghurt shop?

  16. Sorry, Where abouts in Perth is the other Fro yo shop?

  17. Hi :) The one I know of is within the Innaloo Westfield shopping centre - on the stretch between Coles and Target.


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