Thursday, August 18, 2011

One of those weeks


Wake tired. Not enough sleep.

Realise new black pants, bought to replace previous black pants, are somehow just slightly too big.

As you tried them on before purchasing, and they're the same size and make as your previous pair (which still fit), this is difficult to explain. Wear them anyway. Then realise you now can't return them.

Work an 11 hour day.

Discover, fortunately after your evening shower, that the pilot light for the hot water system has gone out. Try to re-ignite it. Can't. Mr Bite can't. Eventually give up and go to bed.

Worry about hot water until you fall asleep.


Wake tired. Not enough sleep. Can't bear to get up at 5.30am.

Decide to skip Body Attack in favour of sleeping in to 6.10am and going for a run.

Post-run, try again to ignite hot water system. Can't.

Have Cold Shower Number 1. Wash hair in cold water.

Go to work. Call Dad. Ask if he can try to fix hot water system.

Go home early to meet Dad. He also can't re-ignite hot water system. Realise it may in fact be broken.

Call hot water system company. They can't come until Thursday. They can't give us a time. They will call 30 minutes before arriving, and want payment on the day.

Make dinner. Have a complete dinner fail. Rice noodles slightly too hard, tofu slightly squidgy, flavours not quite right, sauce not quite thick enough. Feel sorry for Mr Bite being given such a dinner.

Have Cold Shower Number 2. Wonder if you can become a 1 shower / day person for this week.

Go to bed at 9pm. Fall asleep at 9.30pm.


Wake at 5.30am after a rare 8 hours sleep. Relieved to not be exhausted.

Have a hot shower at the gym.

Drop the ceramic bowl containing washed strawberries when taking it out of the fridge.

Reflect on the sad irony of trying to save time by pre-washing strawberries, but instead losing time by sweeping up the broken dish.

Go to work. Realise you have one week to learn your talk before flying to Sydney and presenting it at a conference next week.

Have a headache all afternoon. Blame tight muscles in back. Resist taking ibuprofen.

Make veggie burgers for dinner (can't be ruined!).

Have cold shower number 3. Go to bed.

From now on, strawberries live in plastic containers only.

Thursday, today

Have a hot shower at the gym and head straight to work.

Feel slightly on edge due to being 'on call' for the hot water people.

Acknowledge to yourself that you really should work on being flexible and not having to know what's happening, all the time.

Hot water people call to say they'll be there at 2pm. 

Learn that hot water system is in fact broken. Needs replacing rather than repairing.

Replacement to cost $1612.60.

Would swear, but don't.

The End.

On a positive note, next week will probably be better!


  1. That doesn't sounds like a good week at all! I think I would rather feel dirty and smelly than have a cold shower in this weather. Lucky you had the gym to fall back on. I like your closing sentence, as bad as this week has been it can only get better!

  2. I think I would have joined Mel without the shower - perhaps a wash or a shallow bath with some kettles of water would be fine for me. Sounds like you are due some good things after that week. Hope you enjoy your trip to Sydney (esp the hot showers)

  3. Kari bad weeks are always followed by wonderful weeks, a whole lot of wonderful must be just just around the corner.
    I hope your trip to Sydney goes well.

    ps. Pretend you are washing in a cold Tasmanian mountain stream, with snow on the surrounding hills :-)

  4. Lack of a hot shower wreaks a day. Mine froze the other week, I feel terribly sorry for my colleagues that day. I think you will find that with a new working hot water system, next week will be about a thousand times better.

  5. @Mel
    It does help to keep that in mind. And of course, no hot water is better than some things...I'm grateful it's at least a fixable problem. But I'll be glad when it is fixed!

  6. @Johanna GGG
    Thank you - I will be looking forward to trouble-free hot water :)

  7. @cityhippyfarmgirl
    I am looking forward to Sydney - thanks! And I'll try the mountain stream thing :-)

  8. @Lisa
    Eek. Froze?! That's not good at all.

  9. You deserve at least 16 hugs, four for every day! Here's to a far brighter, warmer, snuggliers, sleep-filled week from here on out! xox

  10. 1) You take TWO showers a day? Zounds.

    The shower had *no* water last night here at all. None. I put a pot of water on the stove to heat it up (only the shower dispenses hot water) and sponge bathed. You're hardcore to wash your hair in cold...

    2) You write your conference papers BEFORE the conference?

    Wow. I think I only did when I was in undergrad. Since my MA, EVERYTHING has been finished (or completely written) in the hotel room while *at* the conference...

    Have a great weekend!

  11. @Hannah
    Oh thank you Hannah :) The snuggly bit sounds particularly appealing (I love the word snuggly!).

  12. @Stephanie @
    1. I know :P One after morning exercise, one to wash off the day. I feel odd going to sleep without a shower, but the evening one is pretty brief.

    Your lack of water sounds worse than our lack of hot water!

    2. Indeed! I have got closer and closer to doing it at the hotel room though...

  13. OH *HUGS* That is one tough week! Glad it's over! This week will be better!

  14. @Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock
    Thank you :) I'm feeling optimistic that it will be.


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