Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happiness might just be...

...two hours in the kitchen with the luxury of nowhere else you need to be, and no other demands on your time,

...baking with the knowledge that everything you need is in the cupboard, and you can pronounce every ingredient,

...using your food processor three times in one morning, and loving each speedy, efficient Buzz,

...making new recipes and having fun with the ingredient combinations,

...deviating from the recipe on occasion, because you can, and you trust yourself enough to see how things turn out,

...knowing that if things don't turn out, it won't matter too much,

...making a mess and not minding (which is most unlike you),

...and then cleaning up the kitchen at the end of the morning, with a sense of satisfaction at the time spent,

...and at the tangible results.


  1. Absolutely. 100%. I long for another day like this. And three recipes? That's a more splendiferous output than many of us could hope for! xo

  2. I agree with Hannah - three recipes is a splendiferous output! I had a day like that yesterday - pumpkin and nut butter muffins, lentil, tuna and sweet potato patties...ah life is good~

  3. @Hannah
    They are worth their weight in gold, baking days. If only we had those 3 day weekends and the third day could be for reading and baking...:)

  4. @Liz@LastChanceTraining
    I'm very impressed with your output: aside from sounding great, you cover more than just dessert / snacks! I need to work on that...

  5. @Shaheen
    It did feel a bit like that :)


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