Sunday, August 14, 2011

7 links

I have been enjoying reading the various 7 Link posts floating around the blogosphere. It's been a great way to discover, or be reminded of, earlier posts that deserve to be remembered.

When the lovely Anna at The Hospitality Guru tagged me last week (thank you!), I turned my mind to what my own 7 Links might be. It turned out to be surprisingly difficult to pick, but here are those I decided on.

My most beautiful post

I must confess that deeming a post 'most beautiful' makes me feel a little like I'm boasting. If I put that aside, I think I have to vote my recent Tasmanian Snapshots summary in at number one.

This has the added advantage of reminding me of beautiful memories, and of highlighting the beauty of Tasmania.

My most popular post

My About Me and Recipes pages have the most page views. However, if we focus on actual posts, my post about Mother's Day Apple and Zucchini Muffins is most popular.

I'm choosing to interpret this as a nice confirmation of the 'don't judge a book by its cover' adage. These muffins may not win prizes for beauty, but they do taste impressive! And, of course, they have both fruit and vegetable in the ingredients list.

My most controversial post

I don't think I've provided a lot of controversy, but I think my thoughts on The China Study probably contrasted with those of some.

That was also a very wordy post, which I generally try to avoid, so it may be deemed controversial in content and in style!

My most helpful post

My post on Google wins this category. Google Docs, Picassa, Google Reader, and Google Translate all got a mention.

Comments also alerted me to the existence of Google Health and Google Analytics, which was helpful to me (although Google Health will, sadly, be discontinued next year).

A post whose success surprised me

I don't know if success is the right word, but I was surprised at the dialogue that came out of my Toe Injury post. I didn't know there were so many people whose feet were similarly injury prone!

In what might more accurately be called success, I've been amazed and thrilled at how receptive people have been to my  Books page.

It's great to know there are other avid readers out there...and that my tendency to list everything isn't so weird that it puts people off!

A post I think didn't get the attention it deserved

I don't consider any posts to be neglected, and I'm always thrilled with any comments. I have noticed, though, that my Product Reviews aren't always highly utilised, despite them being fun to do and quite useful (to me) to have stored for reference.

The post I am most proud of

I really enjoyed writing my Pleasures without Guilt post, and reading the comments that came out of it.

After all...

I am rather pleased to have put that perspective out there.

Thank you again to Anna for tagging me, and to all those who have done this already for providing me with retrospective entertainment.

Because this has been going for a little while, I'm going to do a global tag: if you haven't done this and would like to, you're it :)


  1. I love your product review posts! As in, I really, really, really do look forward to those. :D

  2. Gosh Kari, I wouldn't know where to start - all I can tell you is that making rice paper rolls is easy and pretty inexpensive. You'll have to give me tips on Vegan burgers though, mine were a big fat fail!

  3. Great reading - it is interesting to see what people think of their own blogs.

    I love your list of books and would do it on my own blog if I had a little more time (maybe need more time to read books too).

    I enjoy your product reviews but it is not something I would seek out like I seek out recipes so I understand why they might be less utilised

  4. @Liz@LastChanceTraining
    Only a fail in form! It sounds like they tasted just fine.

  5. @Johanna GGG
    I suspect if I ever have children, my reading time and book logging will go by the wayside. At least for the first 18 years or so :P Thanks for your thoughts on the product reviews too - that does make sense.

  6. Now Flossy, I was in the supermarket today and what did I pick up? But those burger patties of yours, ahh, they are the ones that Kari reviewed, well there you go... and then put them back :-)


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