Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Garden update II

When we came from Tasmania, certain vegetables seemed to have sprouted up and out quite dramatically.

Lettuce, in particular.

Lettuce last weekend (24th July)...

...versus the start of June...

...and two weeks after planting, mid-May.

I think we may need to eat some lettuce. Rapidly.

The bok choi and English spinach are also doing well, but sadly my coriander has gone to seed. I believe this is quite common with coriander, but I've always been fortunate with keeping it growing in the past.

Bok choi and spinach in the back left corner; leeks at the front left; lettuce on the right;
Coriander in front.

My snow pea and beetroot seed sprouts are also looking bigger, although I feel as if I should have some actual snow peas by now (I had 8 weeks in mind from planting to picking?). I think I can try pulling up the beetroot in another few weeks, so I'll see what is under the surface when the time comes for that. Hopefully something! 

I've never cooked 'real' beetroot (I've baked beetroot brownies with the tinned variety, but that is about all) so I'm quite looking forward to it.

Snow peas (back) and beetroot (front) on the weekend.

In early June - no real change in the snow peas since then...

...and two weeks after planting (mid-May).

On a non-gardening note, I've also had lemons to use up this week, so sweet and savoury lemon recipes will be appearing over the next few days. The sweet recipe may have involved cupcakes...

Details to come!

Do you have any experience with growing snow peas or beetroot from seed? Or any beetroot recipe ideas for me to try when I do (hopefully!) get some plants?


  1. Lemon cupcakes...truly is there much else finer?
    Your garden has definitely come along, it's good to have lettuce options.
    ...I adore canned beetroot but fresh beetroot and I are not friends at all. I hope you love it though!

  2. Oh yes: when your beets come in, try my recipe for "Natasha's Borscht". SO GOOD. SO SO SO GOOD. I don't even like *beets* but I love this borscht! And the Natasha in question is actually Russian, so you know she knows what she's doing.

  3. @cityhippyfarmgirl
    Oh dear, I hope I don't share beetroot tastes with you :) I guess if all else fails, there's always beetroot brownies with fresh beetroot...

  4. @Stephanie @
    Fantastic! Thanks Stephanie. The Russian-ness is an added bonus.

  5. very impressive growth in your garden - what a nice welcome home!


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