Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some entirely normal foods

I've done a post like this once before, when I thought I might have blogged just a little too much about baked treats and a little too little about normal food.

This time, I don't think there has been a disproportionate amount of baking (although, perhaps, slightly more discussion than usual of chocolate...) but I seem to have accumulated a number of photos on my laptop, which I would quite like to put to use. And I thought ordinary food might provide some variety to my musings.

So! Here we go...

Quinoa stuffed peppers

Usually we have peppers stuffed with rice, but on this occasion I branched out. Unfortunately, Mr Bite wasn't a big fan of the change - or of my decision to try adding apple to the vegetable and rice mix - so I may return to the safety of rice (and no fruit!) next time. 

If you do like the contrast of sweet with savoury, though, I would recommend trying apple in rice / quinoa dishes. 

I added the apple to this mix after the quinoa and vegetables had been cooked in vegetable stock, and then baked the peppers for ~20 minutes.

The night after we had these, Kayla also posted a recipe for a much more sophisticated version, which seemed a nice coincidence. 


I think of these as a cold weather food, which may explain why I have re-discovered them of late.

I like my crumpets microwaved rather than toasted, and with honey.

I also like them fresh. Sadly, they are a product that can go stale quite quickly. Although that does offer a good reason to eat them quickly...

Fruit English muffins

These are related to crumpets in my mind, and thus feature more frequently in the cooler months. And whilst I like most English muffins varieties, fruit is probably my favourite.

I like these plain, at any temperature. And especially with a cup of tea.


Whenever I have these, I ask myself why I don't have them more often. 

I only wish I knew how to photograph them so they looked attractive!

Yoghurt parfaits

This title sounds misleadingly fancy.

However, since I've eliminated artificially flavoured, gelatine containing yoghurts, I've had fun mixing various additions into the plain, pot-set varieties I now exclusively buy.

It's fun!

Strawberries, puffed millet, cinnamon...and yoghurt


This last one is a bit of a trick. I probably eat grapefruit half a dozen times a year, so this isn't really a 'normal' part of my diet. But with summer fruits gone, and winter fruits being a bit monotonous (and bananas still costing >$10 / kg...), I have been buying some of the fruits I don't eat as often.

I do very much like grapefruit, it's just too squirty for every day consumption!

So there we have it...some meals and snacks from the last few weeks. Do any feature in your days or routines?


  1. I'm just having a good chuckle here. I've got my 2 year old on my lap having a post nap cuddle and he is commenting on all your lovely pictures... including your mouse in the honey???... ahh, the tea bag in the cup at the top he means :-)

  2. Well, *I* like the look of the quinoa dish! So there! :P

  3. @cityhippyfarmgirl
    That made me chuckle too! The thing is, it does almost look like a mouse in honey. It took a 2 year old to point it out though :-) Very sweet.

  4. @Hannah
    Oh Hannah, you have no idea how much I appreciate that! When there are only two people at the dinner table, one person not liking a dish pretty much takes it off the menu rotation. It's good to know there was someone out there who might have appreciated it!

  5. love seeing ordinary food - I love crumpets and muffins - we had crumpets this week - though we don't have them often - sylvia was not too keen and trying to eat around the bottom crust which seemed pointless - we still have one left that I hope is lasting the distance! As for the lentil dish - there are so many foods that are downright unattractive but taste so good - lentils definitely are in this category

  6. @Johanna GGG
    I definitely agree on the lentil front :) And I'm impressed with Sylvia trying to avoid crumpet crust - a difficult task if ever there was one!!


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