Saturday, May 7, 2011

A varied week and Thank Goodness for Friday

This week I have, quite frankly, been all over the place.

On Monday, my mood decided to head south. Quite a long way south in fact. My morning exercise did nothing to help. A purchased coffee barely made a dent.

Even tuna sushi for lunch didn't help.

I struggled to focus on work and also had a headache, which had started on Sunday. It was not a great day.

Sometimes you just have to accept that things are like that.

Fortunately, my mood took a 180' turn after I got home at 6.30pm and I felt fine, even excitable, for the rest of the evening.

On Tuesday, the trajectory was exactly the opposite. I felt wonderful after my morning bike ride / gym combination and had a great time reuniting with hot porridge, after 6+ months of (cold) oats and yoghurt.

 Plain...topped with berries...and mixed in

I also discovered that I loved my new top, the one that I wasn't entirely convinced about at the shop (dark change room lighting = hard to judge anything properly), but bought anyway because I liked it enough and it was on sale.

 I especially liked the different fabrics across the sleeves.

And that I could wear it with one of my favourite scarves, which also has different fabrics.

A physiotherapy visit helped with my still lingering headache, and my new health insurance provider gave me a higher physiotherapy rebate than my old one. Definitely good!

But then things went downhill. My headache returned with a vengeance, I felt generally blah and by the end of the day I was sick of myself and of the day.

On Wednesday, things were average. My headache continued (?!). I did manage to be vaguely productive at work. We also played tennis after work, which was lots of fun (although I played terribly). Nonetheless, I didn't feel 100% and went to bed at 8.45pm. I fell asleep at 9.30pm.

On Thursday, I went back to the physio, for what was turning into my record longest headache. I am headache prone (due to being neck / back problems prone), but it's been a long time since I've had this level and persistence of pain. Fortunately, this visit seemed to do the trick. I made it through the day without Ibuprofen and felt better than I had all week.

Friday, to my immense relief, I woke up headache free. I felt good. It was almost the weekend. The weather was beautiful (11 - 26'C and sunny).

And now I'm rather grateful that the week is over (in a working sense at least).

And that even with a below-average week, I have porridge, clothing-scarf combinations, and outdoor activities to keep me happy at least some of the time. As well as liquorice tea, which is a recent discovery and has jumped to become my new current favourite flavour :)


  1. So glad the week ended on a positive note for you! Funnily enough, mine was the opposite, as Friday was the day I went home sick with nausea and a headache. Clearly I need that licorice tea! Where did you find it?

  2. @Hannah
    I hope your nausea and headache have also cleared up :-/ It sounds like we were both ready for the weekend! I found the licorice tea at an independent supermarket, Farmer Jack's (not sure if that's in Canberra?), in their 'organic and health food' section.

    My Mum has had a different brand of licorice tea in the past, from a health food store, but I like this one better. I hope you can find it!

  3. Hi Kari, hope you're feeling better. The top is great and I like that brand of tea except ther winter blend! Have a good week!


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