Friday, May 20, 2011

Chocolate. All Chocolate.

Recently, I had a rather exciting Double Chocolate Experience.

Experience One

One of my closest friends from university bought me some Green & Black's  Dark Cherry Chocolate.

I really like the Green & Black's brand, although I do dislike a few of their specific chocolate flavours (and was saddened to hear that the original UK company was bought out by Kraft a little while ago).

When I was in England a few years back, I was also amazed at the considerably greater flavour range that is available there than here in Australia. Dark cherry, dark ginger, and dark hazelnut and currant are just some examples.

My friend was in London at the same time as me on that holiday, and she remembered my glee in the Selfridge's food section (oh Selfridge's, how I love you).

So when she saw the cherry flavour of this chocolate at a local supermarket! she bought me some. And, she told me which supermarket she found it at - definitely a good friend :)

I have heard that some people don't like fruit in their chocolate, and if so, this may not be for you. It's also quite a 'dark' chocolate, and not super sweet.

However, I found the contrast between the rich chocolate and the tart dried cherries to be incredible. A little certainly goes a long way with this block.

I also now know where the full Green & Black's range can be found, which is almost as exciting as the Cherry block itself.

This leads us to Experience Two.

Experience Two

When visiting the store which I now know stocks the full range of Green & Black's chocolates, I found another chocolate brand, which I hadn't seen before.

It's Australian. They have varieties that are dark enough to not involve milk. They have interesting flavours. They all look amazing.

Unfortunately, each product also costs over $10, for a 100g - 150g pack.

The combination of too many flavours and the >$10 price tag meant I had to leave the store quickly, to avoid a meltdown where I was overwhelmed with possibility and just bought all flavours on offer. It was getting a bit close.

This means I can't do a product review, but I thought I would share my product daydreaming with you instead.
Introducing... delicaseys

Delicaseys describe themselves as offering "handmade chocolates using only the finest ingredients. Try your old favourites such as Hokey Pokey, Hazel's and Liquorice, to exotic gourmets like Sour Cherry Brandy, Chilli Bark or Tasmanian Pepperberry" ( .

(screen shot from )

I'm conscious it's a bit dangerous to rave about a product you haven't tried. I really am. They might taste horrible. But Chilli Bark? Tasmanian Pepperberry? I never knew these things were available 5km from my house!

If I could justify spending large sums of money on chocolate that it would take me many weeks to eat (and I'm working on the justification, believe me!), I would buy:
  • Chilli Bark ("traces of chilli and cinnamon join layers of dark chocolate for a warm embrace")
  • Guinea Figs ("bite through the crispy dark chocolate shell to reveal soft, chewy figs on the inside")
  • Hokey Pokey ("golden caramelised honeycomb dipped in dark chocolate")
  • Tasmanian Pepperberry ("Tasmanian pepper berries have a mild spiciness and an aromatic fragrance similar to lavender. Blended together with pieces of caramel in a snappy dark chocolate, creates a unique taste")
  • Liquorice in 70% ("Top-grade soft liquorice dipped in delectable extra dark chocolate")
  • Limone ("Tender slices of juicy lemon dipped in 70% dark chocolate")
(All descriptions from the delicasey website)

All except the Tasmanian Pepperberry are dairy free, and all except the Liquorice in 70% are gluten free.

Have you every tried the delicasey brand? Do you have a favourite? Can you think of any reasons that I should purchase a pack?

I am still happily working my way through the Green & Black's block, but I can see myself coming up with a reason to buy one of the above before too long...


  1. I've never had fruit in my chocolate, but I have a feeling I might like it! Yum! I adore dark chocolate, which is weird considering I have such a sweet tooth!

  2. The Cherry is actually the only flavour of G&B that I really like and have bought often - I'm not normally big on fruit in chocolate, but I love the tanginess. Generally, though, I find G&B a big thumbs down.

    Thank you for the head's up about delicaseys, though! Excitement!

  3. @Tori (Fresh Fruition)
    I'm actually the same...although my sweet tooth has moderated itself just slightly as I have gotten older :) Try the fruit in chocolate thing though, I highly recommend it!

  4. @Hannah
    I know - let me know if you find / try them!

    Interesting that you're not a fan of G&B's...although I might attribute it to your chocolate tastes being more sophisticated than mine :) I think part of the appeal for me is having an alternative to Lindt in the supermarket, outside of the Cadbury / Nestle range that always seems to disappoint. This is my favourite flavour of theirs though.

  5. Next time you hit the UK, get your hands on some of these:

    It's worth a little vegan vacation--they're THAT good. :)

  6. @Stephanie @
    Ooh, I will! Thanks - definitely worth a bit of milk :)


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