Sunday, May 1, 2011

A balancing act

It occurred to me that my last few posts may have painted a very, well, sweet picture of my food life. Two posts on Easter baking, Easter chocolate and a (double) biscuit review are all very well, but they are not entirely representative of the food in my kitchen.

To try and balance things out, I thought I would present some entirely ordinary, every day meals that revolve through my dinner and/or lunch schedule on a regular basis.

In clockwise order from above...

Salad. No explanation required! 

This features 2 or 3 times a week as a dinner side, and a similar number of times in lunch wraps or salads.

My default mix is baby spinach leaves, tomato, red capsicum, carrot, and mushroom.

Homemade pizza. We usually have this for dinner once a fortnight. 

We have settled on a pre-made pita-like base, and load up with tomato paste, vegetables and pineapple. One of the biggest advantages of making pizza at home is I can have my half cheese-free!

Roasted vegetables. I actually don't make these very often, but I did last week. This particular mix included turnip, carrot and potato, with dried oregano and basil for flavour.

Stir fry and soy fillets. These often go hand in hand, as I use sliced soy pieces as an alternative to meat (and tofu) in stir fries.

Sometimes I also mix diced stir fried vegetables and soy pieces with rice, to make something akin to a risotto (but minus the cheese and cream, so I don't know what you would call it. I refer to it as 'mixed up rice dish' but that leaves something to be desired, I think!).

Soup. With the temperatures getting cooler, soup is creeping back into my weekday lunch rotation.

Last week was minestrone, but I like just about any vegetable variety.

So there you have it - non-sweet, non-baked, normal foods. Not as exciting as the sweet, baked goods, but rather essential.

Update. I have added a Recipes page to my top header, and also a Books page. I log the books I read in a spreadsheet (which is a little embarrassing to admit...) and thought this was as good a place as any to store it. Only 2011 books are in there at the moment, but I may eventually add in previous years too.


  1. Kari I was going to comment on your food, but I can't go passed the fact that you keep a spread sheet on your books :-) I think I like your blog even more for that!

  2. love hearing about your everyday food - maybe you could call your rice dish an Asian risotto - would be a nice fusion title!

    wish I could organise for us to have pizza once a fortnight - I love it but forget to have it - though I noticed a container of pizza sauce in the freezer and I think you have reminded me of the pizza dough I still have in the freezer from my last batch

    just had a look at your books - love this list - wish I could get organised about my reading list - though lately I just haven't been organised enough about finding much reading time

  3. OMG, I'm obsessed with those tender fillets at the moment. I've actually had to ban myself from buying them, because I was eating an entire pack by myself in one night, just snacking, and it's too expensive to live/eat like that!!

  4. @cityhippyfarmgirl
    Lol, I think I definitely revealed my inner nerd with the book logging confession! I'm sure there are others like me somewhere...right? :)

  5. @Johanna GGG
    Ooh, Asian risotto definitely sounds good. Certainly much better than mixed up rice dish!

    I'm glad you like the books. My reading time often conflicts with my sleeping time, so I definitely relate to the challenges of fitting it in. I love it too much to not though!

  6. @Hannah
    I've actually never eaten them plain, but can see how they might be quite more-ish. And yes, also quite expensive in that formata! Perhaps you could try the mixed up rice ("Asian risotto") approach, and thereby reduce the average cost? :)


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