Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slight deviation

For lack of a better description, I've had an interesting few days.

Without going into too much detail, Wednesday evening through Friday evening were dominated by medical appointments, scans, hospital waiting, and ultimately hospital admission. Not for me, but for one of the people I care about most.

All of which brought a few things into perspective.

Life is not always straightforward

1. The day-to-day trivia? It really doesn't matter. You can drop it in an instant when you need to.

2. The day-to-day pleasures? They matter so much. A relaxing bath or shower, your own surroundings, clean clothes to hand, the choice to do what you like and when...and the capacity to enjoy all of those things without being in pain or wondering what is coming up next.

3. Caring about someone means you will worry if they're not ok. And that in itself is ok...because it shows you care enough.

4. Going home by yourself at the end of the day is definitely not great when you're leaving someone you love behind.

And in less significant matters:

5. Hospital cafe's have improved immeasurably since the last time I checked. Choice of milk with your tea or coffee? Check. Healthy options to hand? Check. Modern, comfortable furnishings? Check.

6. Hospital vending machines have gone upmarket! Say hello to frozen lean cuisine meals (and a microwave to hand), chilled tuna and pasta or kidney bean and rice ready meals, healthier drink choices, and some healthy snack choices.

7. Hospitals are big. It's easy to get lost.

8. Waiting is not very fun.

Fortunately, everything is ultimately fine and I am back into a more typical day-to-day routine.

Which is a big relief.


  1. So glad to hear things are okay! Hanging around hospitals is one of the most miserable things, but I'm so relieved your loved one is fine :)

  2. Sounds like you had a really tough week.
    Waiting is hard.


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