Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product review: Falafel bites

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Bite Me Vegetarian Falafel Bites

I saw these vegetarian falafel bites in the supermarket a week or so ago, and thought they looked worthy of purchase. They're vegan, stand up nutritionally, and can be cooked in 2 minutes (or eaten cold).

Product summary: The bites come six to a packet, with a recommended serving of two bites per person. They're dairy free, egg free and gluten free; are 80% chickpeas; and provide a modest serve of protein.

Ingredients: Chickpeas (80%), rice flour, spring onion, coriander spices, garlic, salt, bicarbonated 202, vegetable oil added.

Nutritional information:

The verdict: We had these for dinner with wholemeal burrito wraps and salad, served in a make-your-own format:

Without sauce (I added tomato, and my partner added thousand island), the bites were a little bland. However, with sauce, and when combined with the bread and salad, they worked well. The texture was nice and they provided a good base ingredient for use in the wraps.

Clearly an equivalent could be made at home (a la Oh She Glows, for example), and I have made similar products at home in the past. An at-home product would probably provide a greater flavour punch.

Sometimes, though, I want something for dinner that can be put together within 20 minutes of walking in the door.

With these bites, last night's dinner was put together in 5 minutes :) Who needs take away when that's possible?

Where to buy: We bought these at our nearest Woolworths supermarket. I've forgotten the price, but remember thinking they were reasonably priced. 

Overall rating: 7 / 10.


  1. Oooh! More product reviews, more! I have a sneaky love affair with pre-made foods, and love when someone else can tell me the worthwhile ones to splurge on :P

  2. They're dairy free, egg free and gluten free; are 80% chickpeas; and provide a modest serve of protein.Mark R. Smith


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