Monday, March 28, 2011

A busy weekend

You would imagine that weekends would be quieter than weekdays - and usually you would be correct. However, I'm not entirely sure how it got from last Friday to today. Between standard weekend errands and jobs (cleaning, food shopping, washing, ironing, general shopping...) and some extra things thrown in (brunch with friends, a visit to my parents, a longer-than-average walk with my partner, holiday planning...), the two days flew by.

Luckily I enjoyed most of the activities in question (with the possible exception of ironing) and I like my weekday work enough to avoid Mondayitis :)

I thought I'd share one aspect of the weekend on here: the outcome of a new recipe.

I made this recipe for apple and sultana scrolls, to take to the aforementioned brunch with friends (which was at someone's house, rather than a cafe). Unusually, I made the recipe with almost no adaptations. The only real change was that I added a small amount of apple sauce (apple puree) to the dough before spreading out the apple and sultana filling. And used soy milk instead of regular.

Unfortunately, although the finished product looked fine, it seemed to lack something. Adding extra apple sauce rectified things, but I would have liked the scrolls to stand alone.

I think if I made these again, and I probably will because they're fairly easy and don't involve many ingredients or much preparation time, I would make the following adaptations:

  • Reduce the cooking time by 5 to 10 minutes. I would have liked the scrolls to be slightly softer.
  • Roll the dough out thinner, to allow for a higher filling-to-dough ratio in each bite.
  • Use more apple puree on the dough before adding the filling.

I think those changes might just take the taste from average to great!

Incidentally, my friends did seem to enjoy the scrolls, so the original recipe did hold up. But I am convinced they could be better :D


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