Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vegan sticky banana pudding

The next time you have some over-ripe bananas to use up, may I suggest this pudding as an alternative to banana bread or banana muffins? It will take you from 'healthy snack' to 'decadent dessert', but I don't think you'll regret the shift.

Better suited to the northern hemisphere autumn than approaching southern summer, this is effectively sticky toffee pudding with banana. It is sticky, and comforting, and very sweet.
I adapted this from a recipe for banana butterscotch pudding on Good Food Channel. My adaptations were simple, and involved subbing in vegan versions of butter, egg and milk, and slightly reducing the butter equivalent and sugar. Next time I would reduce the sugar more, and I have noted this in the recipe below. It really was very sweet!

Before digging in...

I was surprised by how liquid-y this was before baking, and was a bit worried that it wouldn't come together. However, I think that reflects my lack of experience with puddings as opposed to cakes. The consistency turned out just right after baking, with a firm top and sides and gooey centre. It is a rather fun dish to make. It is also a rather fun one to eat!

...and after.

Sticky banana pudding
A decadent, sweet winter dessert that epitomizes comfort food

Serves 6

Author: Lightly adapted from the banana butterscotch pudding on Good Food Channel

For the pudding - 
1 cup (125 g) plain flour
1/2 cup (100g) sugar (next time I would reduce this to about 1/3 cup)
3 tsp baking powder
Pinch salt
3 large ripe bananas, 2 mashed and 1 cut into slices
1 cup (250 ml) non-dairy milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)
3 tbsp (45g) non-dairy spread, melted
1 tsp commercial egg replacer in 3 tsp water, or 1 tsp chia seeds in 3 tsp water
1 tsp vanilla extract

For the topping -
Heaped 1/2 cup (120 g) soft brown sugar (next time I would reduce this to about 1/3 cup)
1/4 cup (85 g) golden syrup
1 cup (250 ml) hot water

Preheat your oven to 160'C (320'F) and grease a large round baking dish. 

Place the flour in a mixing bowl with the sugar, baking powder and salt. Add in the 2 mashed bananas, melted spread, non-dairy milk, egg replacer or chia seeds in water, and vanilla. Whisk until well combined.

Transfer the pudding mixture to your prepared dish and then arrange the sliced banana over the top.

To make the topping, combine the brown sugar, golden syrup and hot water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Stir and then pout over the pudding.

Bake for approximately 40 minutes, or until golden.

What is your favourite comfort dessert?


  1. Oh that looks so good! I've still been too scared to try any kind of vegan pudding cake. Pouring hot liquid over a batter just terrifies me I guess. I looove banana though so I think I might have to try this.

    As a side note, I made the nectarine upside-down cake from my site again this weekend, and the top of it cracked (same as happened to you), which didn't happen the other times I made it. I *think* it has to do with the way the flour is measured... I'm hoping I can update the recipe to give more consistent results. Anyway, I really appreciate the feedback that I got from you about it!

    1. Oh, interesting! I am sorry that your recent cake cracked, but confess to being a bit relieved it isn't just me :P I have had it happen with a few cakes but can certainly believe flour proportions are behind it - I think I often have too much cake batter for my cake tin.

      As for this pudding, it is very forgiving and there is no need to worry about cracks :-) The hot liquid over batter step is actually quite ok, I promise!

  2. Ooo I can't wait to try this!!! I love these kinds of puddings. Definitely a comfort dessert for me too. These days rich raw sweets seem to be a comfort dessert of choice too...

    1. They are a favourite of mine as well - perhaps a summer / winter divide ;)

  3. I love these sorts of self saucing puddings - not sure I have made one with a banana so will bookmark this - am surprised it used egg as the chocolate self saucing pudding my mum always made never had eggs. I wonder if using coconut sugar rather than regular sugar would reduce the sweetness.

    1. Coconut sugar is a brilliant idea! As for eggs, I am such a novice at these kinds of pudding that I actually don't know what is standard :P

  4. OMG!!! This looks like a piece of Heaven!

    1. It did conjure up that kind of experience, I will admit :-)

  5. Banana pudding is one of my favourite desserts and I love that you had made a vegan version.

  6. Can I have some?? This looks amazing! YUM! Bread pudding is seriously so comforting! Way to make it Vegan girl!! PROPS!

  7. Yum! This looks so good. My fave comfort dessert is sticky date pudding with caramel sauce.

  8. This looks so so good, Kari! Banana pudding...I always have overripe bananas on hand so this is perfect! def looks oozy-gooey! My favorite is banana pudding - a la mode ;)

    1. Thanks Min! And your favourite banana dessert sounds equally good :D

  9. This does look very good, Kari and so warming on a cold winter's evening. I do love a sticky pudding and bananas are perfect for this sort of a dessert xx

    1. Bananas do seem to lend themselves well to sugary desserts - a very versatile fruit!

  10. Yummo - I LOVE self-saucing puddings. I *think* chocolate is my favourite but that's only because I haven't tried a banana one yet haha I reckon I could easily be a convert - or better yet, choc banana perhaps!


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